Tuesday 3 January 2012

Well That Went Fast, Huh?

So it's 2012, where 2011 went I'm not quite sure. For me that was the fastest passing of a year yet and I've come to realise that no matter how tough or great a year has been, it's always how it finishes that matters the most. I'm ecstatic to say that my 2011 ended on a huge high of happiness and contentment.

The Christmas and New Year holiday was filled with lots of sleeping, lots of eating and lots of fun. My Christmas lunch was somewhat quirky, what you can't see from the photo is the pack of Seabrook ready salted crisps that accompanied it, gluten free of course. My ability to eat large portions is out of the window, I struggled to finish. No worrying about portion control for me this New Year!

king prawns smoked roe
Delicious King Prawns and Smoked Roe

I won't keep going on about it (or maybe I will, we'll see!) but the George Foreman grill was used time and time again this holiday. We had countless kebabs and it was fab for heating up large chunks of sliced ham on the bone for a quick snack, also haloumi, it's great for grilling haloumi, no oil needed.

grilled haloumi with guacamole
Grilled Haloumi with Homemade Guacamole
No new recipes to report as I was rather lazy, we had a killer fondue, most I've been able to eat in one sitting for a very long time. Alas there are no photos, but I'll probably post it anyway, everyone should have fun with cheese fondue, it's utter decadence.

In non food related matters, I had loads of fun assuming the character of a Mexican mouse and racing around colourful tracks this holiday. When I shook my maracas all the other characters forgot about beating me and formed a conga, t'was fun. Unfortunately this wasn't in 'real life'.

Edit: I have just been told by my lovely attention to detail husband to be, that when I was shaking my maracas, I was actually a *shudders*....... monkey. I quite clearly hadn't got the image of that indulgent fondue out of my mind and was of course thinking cheese, and who likes cheese? Mice do. I also try to never, ever think about monkeys, that may have had something to do with it.

That's it for the first post of 2012, no resolutions, no diets, just lots of gluten free fun to be had. Happy New Year!

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