Thursday 31 October 2013

Fiendish Three Cheese Halloween Bites

halloween cheese bites
I know I said that there was unlikely to be a recipe for today but I found some inspiration and did a bit of out of character baking. I made nibbles, really yummy cheesy Halloween nibbles.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Halloween Recipes (Wars)

halloween supplies
Halloween 2014 Sorted
So, I was totally organised. I bought my Halloween supplies a few weeks ago, cookie cutters, silicone molds, decorative glasses and a few other bits for presentation. Have I used any of it? Nope. At first it was because I was feeling a bit run down and just couldn't be bothered, then I decided that I didn't want to be eating loads of cookies and cakes (inevitable if I made them) as the treadmill is still cosied up under the stairs and I'm avoiding the scales at all costs. Whoever still thinks that a gluten free diet means losing weight is a nincompoop.

Monday 21 October 2013

Gluten Free Smoked Haddock Goujons

haddock goujons
Lightly Breaded Goujons
Once the breaded coating is on these Goujons they make really fast finger foods that are perfect for dipping into sauces. Ideal for a gluten free party buffet or a casual dinner, you can coat these then put them into the fridge for frying later on. Proper picky fast food the kind that I absolutely love to make.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Gluten Free Chicken Teriyaki

chicken teriyaki
I made this to go with Egg Drop Soup to make sure that The Glutenite would have enough to eat, just one portion but it turned out so delicious I thought that I may as well share.

I absolutely love cooking Japanese food, the flavours are my favourites of any cuisine. This is really quick and simple but so, so good.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Nandos Inspired Gluten Free Chicken Burger

gluten free chicken burger nandos
Gobbled And Photographed By The Glutenite
I've thought about attempting Nando's over the years, knowing that they have the allergy book and are apparently very helpful when it comes to avoiding gluten. This weekend though, all thoughts of visiting went out the window for good.

Thursday 10 October 2013

DS Gluten Free Frozen White Rolls And Stuff

ds gluten free frozen rolls
Prior To 'Crisping' In The Oven
If you read my last post you will know that we had some rolls delivered by a very confused Tesco man. These are said rolls. 

I don't think 'roll' is a good enough word to use here, they should be celebrated with a moniker of far more grandeur, something like Breadlingtons or you know, something else. If you want to know why you should read this. We're talking the Rolls Royce equivalent of gluten free bread stuffs here, I have a very full freezer.

Friday 4 October 2013

The Man From Tesco And The Case Of The (Not) Missing Shopping

I was recently asked to guest blog about a new product for a well known gluten free company (will give all the details when published), the product was frozen and they told me that Tesco would be delivering it. I have to tell you what the product is or else this will make no sense, it's rolls.

When I was told that Tesco would be delivering them I thought, wonder if they'll think it a bit odd just delivering some rolls? When the delivery time slot came I was looking something of a work from home state so I asked The Glutenite to take receipt of the goodies, the exchange he had with the somewhat confused driver was amusing.

Driver: "I'm afraid I've got bad news"

TG: "What is it?"

Driver: "I've only got half your order"

TG: *Looks in bag*  "No, that's all we were expecting"

Driver: "You'll have to call Tesco to get a refund"

TG: ???

Driver: "But it says here that half of your order is frozen and the other half isn't, I can't find the other half"

TG *mystified*

Driver: "I've searched the van but could only find half of it"

And on it went.

Yep, the delivery man could not believe that someone had only ordered rolls to be delivered. Gluten free rolls. I think that man may think us gluten free peeps are a little bit eccentric or just plain odd (which is just as well he didn't encounter me then, I'm colourfully odd)).

I like to imagine him going home to his wife saying "I had the strangest delivery today. They only ordered rolls, 12 gluten free rolls. Who does that?" 

The childish part of me would have loved to see this poor man rummaging through all the crates and bags looking for the 'lost' shopping that never was, I can totally imagine several head scratches. He probably thought he was going to get a hard time but nope, we were of course more than happy with our correct little delivery of 12 gluten free rolls.

If you've even seen Dave Gorman's Moden Life Is Goodish you'll understand how this could turn into a very funny experiment.

Today I shall be ordering....

Cue several very confused delivery drivers wondering where the rest of the shopping is.

I'm very childishly amused but it is weekend time after all.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Pick Szeged Hungarian Paprika Sausage

pick hungarian paprika sausage
My Current Vice (Well One Of)
I've not really eaten cured meats since being gluten free, mostly the problem is them containing Pepper rather than gluten and if you've got to know me through this blog you'll know that I can't eat that either. Quite a nuisance. I have eaten Tesco's Finest Chorizo on occasion but it wasn't one of the better cured meats I've had, so I stopped bothering with it.