Monday 28 February 2011

Best Gluten Free Yogurt Ever!

 This weekend I had the pleasure of sampling the new limited edition Yeo Valley organic yogurt flavour: Mango and Vanilla.

It's beyond delicious! Everything about this yogurt is a delight, the flavour is amazing. Needless to say that the 450g pot got devoured over 2 days and I'm left wanting (lots) more.

If you're familiar with Yeo Valley yogurts you'll know that there's a recipe on the cardboard outer of the pot. This one is for Baked Mango and Vanilla Cheesecake and it's definitely being turned into one of my coeliac recipes (they use regular flour in their recipe, yuck! Also, ginger biscuits, but I have a gluten free alternative in my cupboard). Can't wait to try it!