Tuesday 16 April 2013

Cadbury Gluten Free Product List (Updated September 2014)

Cadbury actually class these products as Gluten-absent, a term that I've not come across until today. They also say on their website that "We cannot ever guarantee that any of our products are 100% free from such contaminant". Take from that what you will, I personally think it's a cop out but hey.

Here's what they list as Gluten-absent:

UPDATE 08/09/2014: A comment has been left on this post saying that "an allergen alert MAY CONTAIN GLUTEN on some of their products that used to be listed as gluten free by ingredients."

*I've checked the Cadbury gluten absent section of the website where this information originally came from and found two new items have been added. The seasonal items have been removed. No indication of any other changes but ALWAYS CHECK THE LABELS, just in case!

Cadbury Bars

Dairy Milk Chocos
Whispa Gold
Curly Wurly
Creme Egg Twisted
Turkish Delight

Cadbury Bags, Boxes and Tins

Dairy Milk Pebbles*
Bitsa Wispa*
Twirl Bites
Choc Full of Peanuts
Choc Full of Raisins
Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles
Dairy Milk Giant Buttons
Dairy Milk Buttons
White Chocolate Buttons
Dairy Milk Tasters
Milk Tray

Cadbury Drinks

Bournville Cocoa
Hot Chocolate Instant
Highlights Milk Chocolate
Highlights Bournville
Highlights Caramel
Highlights Hazelnut
Highlights Fudge

*The following items have been removed from the Gluten Absent list on the Cadbury website. I've contacted Cadbury to find out why. Will update when I get a response. UPDATE 10/09/14: You can find out why here.

These will be removed from this list once people have had a chance to see what's happened.

Cadbury Easter

Creme Egg
Caramel Bunnies
Buttons Chick
Easter Egg Trail Pack
Mini Creme Eggs
Mini Eggs
Caramel Egg

Cadbury Halloween

Screme Egg
Screme Egg Minis
Dead Heads

Cadbury Christmas

Wishes Gift Pack
Wishes Advent Calendar
Chocolate Snowman
Chocolate Santa
Dairy Milk Chunks Carton
Dairy Milk Chocolate Coins
Parcel Tree Decorations
Caramel Bell Tree Decorations
Advent Calendar
Magical Advent Calendar

Have to admit, there's a lot on this list that I've never heard of. I'm still quite puzzled by the gluten-absent wording, bearing in mind the disclaimer. My guess, and it's just that, is that there's no gluten containing ingredients but there may be a production facility cross contamination possibility?

Or it could be that they are referring to the 20ppm or less in which case all gluten free labeled products can have that amount in and are actually therefore not gluten free at all. I don't think I'll ever get my head around that law but there you go. Maybe that's what they mean.

I didn't think that I would but I've recently eaten a lot of Aero from the Nestle gluten free list without any problems whatsoever. I guess a guide like this is useful, at least you can make the choice to eat from it or not with knowledge, some brands have no lists at all.


  1. Thanks! I just took advantage of a sale of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars because this.

  2. Smart move!

    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Thanks for the useful listing. It was of great help.

  4. Be careful. Cadbury in the past few months have started putting an allergen alert MAY CONTAIN GLUTEN on some of their products that used to be listed as gluten free by ingredients. So make sure you still check labels..

  5. Thanks for that info Allison, I'll update the post.

  6. I see cadburys snow bites contain tapioca -,cyanid I read can be found in tapioca? I have had two very bad reactions after eating these delicious sweets - has anyone had the same please? Cadburys are looking in to my concern.

  7. Hi Consett,

    I'm not aware of this, did you hear back from Cadbury?

  8. cant find Caramilk bars on the list Does anyone know if gluten free?


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