Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Recipe Post That Wasn't

stir fry
The Base Of A Lovely Meal
Hope that everyone had a lovely Easter Weekend, I did, albeit a somewhat painful one. I intended to make the most of the four day break leisure time and document new recipes to post throughout the coming week, circumstances however put pay to that. I had a slight accident.

I'll spare you the photographic evidence but I severely damaged my right arm, bruised most of my body and pretty much look as though I've been brawling on the mean streets. In reality, a coffee and TV table are to blame. 

I would freely admit if this bizarre fall was alcohol induced for there has certainly been injuries in the past because of a few too many. But although there had been a celebration on Thursday evening in honour of The Glutenite being so cool, I wasn't drunk, not remotely wobbly and just prior to the incident happening I had been engrossed in a programme about a social experiment involving babies and parents. Not exactly my drunk choice of viewing.

Anyway, a really odd accident that I've continuously questioned since the moment it happened. I don't think I just fell but as the only witness was The Persian (The Glutenite was in bed snoring) I probably sound like a fruitloop when I say I felt like I was pushed. I don't know much about physics but what I do know doesn't add up to me.

Strange indeed.

Getting back onto food, I've been using Manuka Honey to treat the wound that is on my right arm, it's incredible. I've been using Propolis for years to treat cuts and scrapes and it works but nothing has sped up the healing process quite like Manuka. Five days in and it looks as though weeks have passed. I'll always go the most natural root where possible.

So that's why this is the recipe post that wasn't. I was going to write about our new Saturday lunch favourite, a meal that we've had in the past but one we've bettered and never posted about. All I could be bothered to get was the top photo, I was still in pain at that stage. Still, it's one for next week and a really lovely comfort food recipe that ticks all of our boxes, hopefully yours too.

I'm hoping to get the new addition up on the site up this week, it requires me taking lots of photos, I just have to get into the routine of doing it and it'll be easy. I think it will be a fun project.

Lovely to see blue sky and the sun shining, light nights here we come.

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