Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Manuka Honey Defender Of Colds

manuka honey
Gluten Free Goodness
I've had an affinity with honey since my mum told me the story of her pregnancy with me. Basically I should have been born tiny, let's just say that stomach problems, anxiety combined with age and scaremongering from doctors made those nine months a challenge for her. I should have been a small baby.

I was well over nine pounds and in perfect health. The one thing that she puts this down to is a big spoonful of honey every day whilst pregnant. I don't know if that is why I defied the odds for sure but I know that honey, in particular Manuka Honey does my body the world of good because I can feel it.

It's no surprise because Manuka Honey is recognised as having both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and these can help fight infections. We make a point of always having a jar in our cupboard, if I'm feeling a bit run down it's the first place I turn (that and to coconut water) and it always perks me up.

Recently while I've been fighting them off My Glutenite has been bothered by colds. Lemsip just hasn't been clearing them up but it would seem that by getting him to take Manuka, that has. I've been taking a spoonful daily and as it stands I've been the ultimate warrior in fighting colds off, usually and by usually I mean every single year I would have had a least one cold by now, if not full blown flu.

This year, rather than wait for some lurgy to take hold I've been on the defensive and so far, so good. Prevention rather than cure, It's no chore to take, it tastes delicious. Plus, it's just 100% honey so completely natural and gluten free.

manuka honey
Smooth, Thick and Sweet
We always use an 'active' Manuka Honey and there are varying strengths from 5+ to 25+. The active bit means how much anti-bacterial strength the honey has, we use 5+ because it's the most affordable, the higher the strength, the higher the price. I think we'd both agree that 5+ is working just fine for us currently.

This stuff isn't cheap but when you consider how much typical cold remedies cost, the fact that they might not work and the inconvenience and discomfort of being sick, it's well worth using as a prevention. You can also use it on your skin, it's a great healer and I speak from many, many experiences of painful cooking burns (I managed to solve that problem with 2 of these).

So yeah, we've got our Manuka and I'm going to encourage The Glutenite to take it daily as I do, it's working well on me after all. Just to be extra combative I've got a big pot of heavenly Chicken Soup on the hob, I'm in warrior mode.

This natural alternative to Lemsip will be busted out as well if need be.

Germs take note.

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