Monday 22 April 2013

Gluten Free Fish and Chips in Crispy Batter Revisited

crispy gluten free battered fish
Very Crispy Batter
Prior to recently finding the answer to all purpose gluten free crispy batter, I had made gluten free Fish and Chips with masa. It worked incredibly well, the end result was great but it certainly wasn't quick to prepare. I knew I could make it easier and better.

Here's the new improved Free From G Fish and Chips in Crispy Batter, it's ridiculously easy to prep and super fast to cook. Yet another gluten free fast food that is so good I might need Weight Watchers at some stage.

For 2 Servings.


300g Cod Fillets
1 Cup Doves Farm Self Raising GF Flour*
1 Cup Cold Water
Pinch of Sea Salt
Oil for Frying (Crisp n Dry solid block is ideal)


  • Begin to heat your oil in a large pan on medium - high
  • Make sure that the cod is free from any random bones
  • Trim to fit in pan if necessary
cod fillets
Cod Fillets
  • Put the flour, water and salt into a flat bottomed container large enough to fit fillets in and mix until smooth
  • Put one fillet in the container and cover with batter
cod in gluten free batter mix
Coating The Cod
  • Put the other fillet into batter and coat fully
cod fillets in gluten free batter
Coats Easily
  • Test your oil temperature by dropping a tiny amount of batter into the oil, if it immediately floats and starts to turn golden the oil is hot enough, raise the temperature if not and test again in a minute or so
  • Remove the test batter from the oil
  • Take a fillet from the batter and carefully put into the oil, repeat with the other
  • Cook for 3 minutes turning once halfway through
You now have gluten free crispy battered fish in less than 10 minutes.

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gluten free fish and chips
Really Crispy
Directions for cooking the chips varies depending on chip size and how many there are. Average cooking time is around 15 minutes so you'll need to get your chips on way before your fish. For a guide to cooking Homemade Chips see my post

For how to make the homemade Tartare Sauce pictured see that post too if you so wish :)

Although I've used this batter a fair few times now I was still excited by the first cut into this, there was an actual crunch as the knife sliced through the golden coating. Despite it being a thick batter mix it's very light to eat and the fish is kept perfectly moist and tender inside.

With hindsight a photo of one of the fillets cut open would have been good to show you but as is usually the the case, hunger got the better of me. Maybe next time, for I feel that there are going to be lots of next times with this recipe, The Glutenite loved it as did I but this blog is not good for keeping me trim. This batter though very much strived for over a long period of time is just what I wanted, but you know that saying about be careful what you wish for? Yeah, this batter is proving a little too popular in this abode.

And with that I've just thought up another deep fried gluten free take on a comfort classic.....

UPDATE:*If you can't get hold of Doves Farm Flour any brand of gluten free self raising should work providing it contains or you add Xanthan Gum. Here's more options UK / US 

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