Thursday 25 September 2014

The Mystery Of Free From G

You know how when you're little, your parents are pretty much your world? And that everything you learn, is from their imparted knowledge? Well mine did a great job, especially my Mum. I was reading well before I ever set foot on school concrete, my maths were very advanced and I was generally quite bright thanks to lots of time spent educating little me.

The thing is - and I'm only now realising just how much - my parents kind of had/have their own 'language', which I of course grew up with thinking it was completely normal. Why wouldn't I?

Thursday 18 September 2014

Allergy #1: Bug Bites And Stings

I think it's been 9 days since the insect bite; definitely not a sting, just one sting and I swell up, this was definitely a bite, but from what?

Hopefully not from one of these f%&£ing things:

killer mosquitoes uk

Now I know it's The Star and that means most of their front pages - and general content - are just made up rubbish but I've spent the last nine days feeling absolutely dreadful with a bite on my wrist that resembled - what can only be described as - a large unwell nipple.

Seeing this front page today makes me a) want to buy something like bee keeping get up to wear out b) makes me want to remain indoors, indefinitely.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Cadbury Gluten Free Update

So I emailed Cadbury to ask about the packaging change that a reader had informed me of.

Here's what they said:

"Thank you for your recent enquiry about Cadbury's gluten free products. As a caring company and one that realised the trust our consumers have in our products, as well as declaring on the wrapper products that contain gluten we feel it is correct to bring to everyones attention a product that might contain even the remotest traces. A number of products that do not contain gluten in their recipes are manufactured on the same production line as products that contain gluten. The machinery is flushed and cleaned throughout after gluten products are produced. Even though the risk of cross contamination is extremely small it is nevertheless a possibility we cannot ignore.

For those who are sensitive to gluten we provide a list of products that are made on dedicated gluten free production lines which can be found at under the 'Products' section.
Any products that are not included on this list are not there because of the production and risk of contamination or because they do in fact contain gluten including our seasonal products."

My list is now up to date, you can find it here.

So all those products that are still on the list are made on dedicated production lines, which is really great to hear.

No more seasonal products but there's still plenty of safe options to choose from, yay!

(Allergic reaction to bug bite still visible, I'm not on top form)

Monday 8 September 2014

Hasslacher's 100% Cacao: 100% Natural And Gluten Free

A New Favourite Thing
Well it's been a while. Sorry if you've missed my randomness, the beloved Persian girl has been unwell and I've been in a bit of a state because of it, that mixed with the unbearable heat we've had. Looks like she's on the mend thank heavens and aside of sporting a lovely insect bite on my wrist which I've had a typical allergic reaction to (incredibly itchy, unsightly lump exactly where a watch face would be) all is good.

I've been interested in Cacao since hearing of the supposed health benefits and so I took the opportunity to finally try some when I had a craving for hot chocolate. Oh this stuff is good.