Monday 28 April 2014

The Big Cheese Making Kit - Our Homemade Mozzarella

homemade mozzarella
Absolutely Delicious
I have a thing when buying presents for those close to me, I usually buy them something I'd like. If I think it's cool then I hope that my taste means that they will.

This was one of The Glutenite's Christmas pressies because at the time we couldn't get Pizza Mozzarella anywhere - you know, the hard stuff in a block that doesn't have any whey - and he loves the stuff. Plus I thought that making our own cheese seemed like a pretty fun and rewarding thing to do.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Want Cakey

I'm terrible at making desserts, I've said that many times before but every now and then I think I could do it. I was in one of these moods yesterday, late afternoon, I had baking buoyancy. Usually the feeling passes without me actually attempting anything though.

I think it's nice to have a little something after dinner, I'm still trying to be 'good' and lose a little more weight that I gained starting last Summer when I had a mania for Paprika Sausages, but I felt like a bit of a treat was in order regardless.

We're a bit short on eggs due to me not doing the shopping list properly last week (so excited to have The Glutenite back home) and I'm very fussy about eggs (note: most things) so we'd have to go to a supermarket in order to get more of the kind we like. There's no supermarket in comfortable walking distance and besides, I hate shopping. Food shopping once a week is just about bearable.

So I decided that whatever I was going to make would be eggless.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Stovetop Whisky Soaked Oak Smoked Chicken

hot smoked chicken
Whiskey Soaked Oak Smoked Chicken
Yay! For the four day Easter holiday, boooo for it going so fast. Hooray for the wonderful food eaten though, for after a few weeks of no cooking I was back in the kitchen and ready to create all sorts of yum.

We hot smoke a lot of food here, our Cameron's smoker has seen a lot of use. We'd never smoked a whole chicken though so we set about rectifying that this weekend, couldn't be easier and it created the base of several meals throughout the long weekend.

Monday 14 April 2014

Where You Been?

Sorry it's been so long, it's been a bit of a stressful time. I'm feeling much better now but over the past few months or so I've been having health issues - girl problems - which I'm sure you don't want to hear about and I really don't want to share. It's been an emotional and uncomfortable stretch.

As I say, I'm feeling better now and on a very big plus side I've lost half a stone, not because of the health issues but because The Glutenite has been away and I vowed to step out of the kitchen and take a break. I haven't cooked (unless you call dry frying Halloumi cooking) for almost 3 weeks now.

I plan on getting back in there and experimenting a lot in the coming weeks so hopefully a lot of new recipes will be good to go on the blog soon.

In case you're wondering what I've been eating as I haven't been cooking; lots and lots of DS Gluten Free Crispbreads with a variety of lovely toppings and for a sweet treat Nairn's Biscuit Breaks in Chocolate Chip flavour. All so yum and hey, I've lost half a stone without even trying!