Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DS Gluten Free Crispbread

ds gluten free crispbreads
One Of My Faves
Not sure why I've never written about these before because they are a staple gluten free product constantly in my kitchen cupboard. I've eaten countless boxes over the years so you know that's a great sign. I guess it's because they've been a staple and not a new discovery, that I kind of overlooked them because they've always been there. DS Gluten Free Crispbread very much deserve a post though.

When I began living gluten free, these crispbreads were one of the first products that I turned to for sustenance. I'd actually been eating gluten free crispbreads for years, mainly due to the low fat and calorie content so it was nice to have something familiar to start the awkward journey off on.

It's worth noting that although I was eating a gluten free product prior to needing it, I didn't actually know what gluten was, I was just eating them because I used to be very strict about controlling my weight.

The great thing about these is that you can use them as a base for savoury or sweet things and anything spreadable is a winner. I've had other brands of gluten free crispbreads that fall apart as soon as you touch them, let alone try to add toppings, DS Crispbreads don't do that, they hold up very well.

I haven't had this combo in an age due to (thankfully) shared evening meals these days, but for a light dinner I used to love piling honey roast ham with either a soft spreadable cheese, or grated Gouda or Emmenthal, then sliced artichoke heart and sundried tomatoes on top. Quite the topping but DS Crispbreads always coped with the challenge.

These days I'll often have a couple for lunch with some fresh crab or smoked salmon, sometimes houmous, often soft cheese that I'll spread, they're really versatile.

crispbread with crab
Dressed Crab Crispbread
Anyone new to the gluten free diet should definitely have a pack of these in the cupboard, they're great as a snack, a light meal or depending on the topping, something much more substantial. A must have in my books.

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