Friday 15 December 2017

The Great Gluten Free Beer Surprise

beer hawk gluten free mixed case

So I bought TG a box of gluten free beer for the holidays and just like the Boom Blast Stixs, it's already been given (I know, I'm so rubbish at holding back pressies). He's been drinking GF beer for ages now but on the last shop forgot to get any so was running low.

In my quest for decent presents for him I've been trawling every quirky site I've ever visited (there's a lot) and just exhausted all the viable sites that come up in search. So remembering how he was a fan of gluten free beer I thought I'd see what they had on Amazon.

To cut a long story short, I got him this mixed case. I thought it was quite a nice gift; craft beers selected by experts, bit fancy. Plus I knew that he would never expect me to buy him beer. Would be a nice surprise.

Friday 8 December 2017

The Kittens Play Boom Blast Stix

boom blast stix
Waffle Waiting For More Stix To Be Balanced
Omg, so much fun! Seriously, this game is ridiculously entertaining and you'd have to be a huge misery guts not to raise a smile at it. Unless you're terribly jumpy in which case you probably shouldn't go anywhere near it.

Last week I happened to watch a show about what toys were worth buying for Christmas and Boom Blast Stix was one of them. Although I do love a bit lot of silly fun I actually bought this for the kittens as I knew they would love it. I had no idea how many laughs this simple little game would provide.

Though obviously not intended as a cat toy, when those stix go boom blast - which they do, often! - the little guys are enthralled. I think there's a slim chance that I may even manage to teach Rolf fetch. Waffle, no chance! Have I mentioned what a little kleptomaniac he is?

Really Raymond, REALLY?!

This post was going to be a silly fun one, a typically ME one. But I've just read something that makes me so mad that as I can't sleep anyway, I'm going to address. It's like going back to warrior FFG mode. Back. In. The. Day.

I'm a sidebar of shame glancer, I know that I'm meant to feel ashamed about being so but I don't. Time wasting skimming over what people in the public eye are up to, it blurs worrying about real life at times.

I just saw something that really shocked me. And I would like to point out that as it's from the Daily Mail, I don't know if it's true, but it's being reported and it affects me and so many people who read FFG that I really feel like I have to say something.

Friday 1 December 2017

Tesco Ancient Grain Cob Review (And Kittens)

tesco free from ancient grain cob

I can honestly say that I never thought there would come a time when gluten free bread could possibly be this good. Tesco have well and truly nailed it, again.

If you're new to the gluten free diet through necessity, it might not seem like it right now because things are confusing and scary but honestly, trust me when I say that you'll never have to worry about starving like I did when I first went gluten free.

This bread is a prime example of how you can eat something shop bought gluten free and incredibly lovely. It's not a case of 'oh man I'm SO hungry I better try and eat a slice of cardboard again, just to fill my sore tummy'. Wasn't quite a Bushtucker Trial but it wasn't very pleasant, not around the time I started this blog. I dread to think what it was like all those years previous.