Friday 8 December 2017

The Kittens Play Boom Blast Stix

boom blast stix
Waffle Waiting For More Stix To Be Balanced
Omg, so much fun! Seriously, this game is ridiculously entertaining and you'd have to be a huge misery guts not to raise a smile at it. Unless you're terribly jumpy in which case you probably shouldn't go anywhere near it.

Last week I happened to watch a show about what toys were worth buying for Christmas and Boom Blast Stix was one of them. Although I do love a bit lot of silly fun I actually bought this for the kittens as I knew they would love it. I had no idea how many laughs this simple little game would provide.

Though obviously not intended as a cat toy, when those stix go boom blast - which they do, often! - the little guys are enthralled. I think there's a slim chance that I may even manage to teach Rolf fetch. Waffle, no chance! Have I mentioned what a little kleptomaniac he is?

The rules are super simple you clip each of the 'stix' so they're a closed triangle then you take turns to balance them on top of the tower. At some stage one will unclip, causing all the others in the pile to also unclip and go BOOM BLAST everywhere!

playing boom blast stixs
Do It Again, Do It Again!
We're down to 31 of 32 stixs because when they go, they really do fly up and all over the place. I think I squeal every time it happens and then get the giggles. You know what's going to happen at some stage but you still get a surprise each time when it does.

Except for Rolf. We've noticed that while having a ringside seat at the beginning of the game, at some stage i.e. just before the stix that is going to blast all the others everywhere is placed, he moves to the other side of the room. Clever sausage.

He's good for finding the stix that have gone behind or under things. Waffle takes the first opportunity to pick one up and run off with it. It's likely that number 32 has been hidden in his stash of stolen goods which we are yet to find.

boom blast stix toy
*Naughty Face*
I don't have any shots of the stixs mid air because it really does come as a funny shock.

Even my Dad who at times has hands like Hellboy can play this. He's like the most ridiculously heavy handed person and they don't go off. Then there's me and TG being so gentle and careful with little finger placements and BOOM!!!

I have a really brief video which is all fuzzy and dark so I won't share but basically we've clipped all the sticks together and they're on the carpet. Waffle comes and sits in the middle of them and not one goes off! I was expecting some kind of cartoon mousetrap scene but it was quite uncanny. He then just walked away through them and still none went off. Magic afoot.

You can probably tell that I find this game completely amusing.

So yes, I just wanted to share some more kitten love and recommend Boom Blast Stix for a thoroughly fun time.

(If you were to buy via the link below I would get a few pennies because I sent you. TY muchly if you do)

Boom Blast Stix

I know what I'll be mainly doing this weekend! Hope you have a fun one too :)

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