Friday 15 December 2017

The Great Gluten Free Beer Surprise

beer hawk gluten free mixed case

So I bought TG a box of gluten free beer for the holidays and just like the Boom Blast Stixs, it's already been given (I know, I'm so rubbish at holding back pressies). He's been drinking GF beer for ages now but on the last shop forgot to get any so was running low.

In my quest for decent presents for him I've been trawling every quirky site I've ever visited (there's a lot) and just exhausted all the viable sites that come up in search. So remembering how he was a fan of gluten free beer I thought I'd see what they had on Amazon.

To cut a long story short, I got him this mixed case. I thought it was quite a nice gift; craft beers selected by experts, bit fancy. Plus I knew that he would never expect me to buy him beer. Would be a nice surprise.

Only after I had ordered it did I realise there was a bit of a problem in terms of keeping it a surprise. What I hadn't noticed was that on the listing it says "Packaging may reveal contents. Choose conceal package at checkout."


See, we don't have post or deliveries come through or to our door. We have post rooms where things are held for collection and it's usually The Glutenite who goes and collects them.

Double Ooops.

I did try to get it concealed after realising this but it meant cancelling the order and I just wanted to make sure I got it so didn't bother doing that then re-ordering.

So yesterday we went to our little independent shop - the lovely people who looked after the contents of our fridge and freezer when it died - to get him a gluten free beer. They were sold out. But little did he know that there were 12 waiting to be collected in the post room.

I had already said to him that I'd ordered something and made a bit of a boo boo so it would have to be me who collected it. I wasn't even thinking about how I was going to get it back up here with other things to collect too. I'm not the physically strongest of people.

He has to collect stuff too, so the plan is that he turns away while I put the box into a bag and he'll be none the wiser. I still get to surprise him!

So I collect my two packages and neither of them are the beer. I figure that Amazon have it wrong and it hasn't been delivered after all. So TG goes to collect his package and it turns out to be......

The F*&$ing box of beer!

beer hawk gluten free

"I know what it is" he says.

No shit. I just wonder how on the listing is says "Packaging MAY reveal contents". I mean at a push you might think you're getting a bird of prey but c'mon.

So he's had that present already and enjoyed one of the contents. Which he loved.

I my single life when out (which was A LOT due to work) my tipple of choice was always a pint. In truth, the only reason this was the case was because of the volume meaning not having to frequent the bar when at gigs.

I dread to think how many pints I sank over the years but... it's a vast amount.

Since being gluten free, beer has never been one of the things I've missed nor have I sampled any of the gluten free versions that TG has. Yesterday though, the sound of the one he'd chosen out of the box was just too tempting. So I had the smallest of sips. Can attest, was indeed A BIT GOOD.

About 20 minutes later though, I had extreme bloating and didn't feel right at all. I feared the worst which I don't think helped matters. After about an hour it had mostly subsided and I had no other ill effects.

Maybe it was just modern me warning old me that partying with my heels in someone else's handbag shouldn't be revisited.

What I've actually realised is that the bloated reaction I had was purely down to the fact that the beer was slightly fizzy, and all fizzy drinks do not agree with me. No matter how little a sip I have.

So TG has no worries about me drinking his gluten free craft beers - Waffle on the other hand, he's desperate to get in that box!

On the topic of pressies, I bought some amazingly delish gluten free pork scratchings as stocking stuffers. I have stuffed as many as possible but the rest I had to hide in my knicker drawer. Somehow a pack worked it's way to the back and has fallen into the bottom bit of the drawers - drawer, drawers, not my knickers - now I can't close it.

I kind of need TG to help me out as I've no idea how to remove the drawer to get to the porky goodness out but then I'm going to have to explain why I've been hoarding pork scratchings in my knicker drawer......

Annnyway, have a wonderful weekend, I'll keep you posted about the pork problem :)

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