Monday 11 June 2018

Hello! And Quick Gluten Free Meal Ideas

"Annnyway, have a wonderful weekend, I'll keep you posted about the pork problem :)"
By keep you posted I meant in 6 months time I'll come and ramble at you about something or other! I truly didn't, time just seems to be going faster than ever before, how is is June already?!

Pork Scratchings update: TG got them out from behind the drawer around March I think. Still good he ate them. And the stocking stuffers were a surprise, hooray!

I really have been intending to post here on a regular basis but other than sharing new gluten free finds there's not much to say on the coeliac front. I feel good, I mean we get little sleep because the Kittens who turned 1 last month either keep us awake by competing for the fastest lap around the apartment or they partake in regular 'singing' contests where they sound like they've been mic'd up. All in the wee hours. But, y'know, it's not like I don't have sleep issues anyway so it's worse for TG. They definitely provide loads of laughs though. So yeah, all good.

I haven't been cooking much from scratch, the honest reason is because I don't have to anymore. I still make my signature Free From G Burgers but not much else. We've been eating lots of Pasta. Tesco make excellent gluten free Spaghetti and Tagliatelli so Spag Bol and Carbonara have become faves again. For utter convenience we also buy the accompanying gluten free sauces. Other than adding black pepper I don't tweak the Carbonara Sauce, for the Bolognese I add sugar, salt and pepper. They're such quick and easy meals to make I figure no one wants or needs to see those documented. Or maybe a quick and easy recipe section might be useful? If it would be helpful to anyone I'd do it.

I guess I can say that I make salad from scratch as I cut all the bits up myself but that's not much to write home about it is?! I do have a lovely gluten free salad dressing that I could share. Current salad's of choice are Hot Smoked Salmon and Scampi (Tesco gluten free Scampi is gorgeous!).

I suppose they might be worth writing up. The problem that - well, there's a couple actually - I have with Free From G is that for the longest time (don't forget this blog has been around since 2010!) I really haven't liked the way it looks. It's messy. The second issue I have is that as much as I love creating recipes and coming up with gluten free alternatives, I really don't enjoy plating up food and photographing it. That's not a passion for me, the experimenting and writing yes but the whole aesthetic side just isn't.

So being a food blogger who doesn't take great photos of food is a bit of a problem!

I'm really proud of the gluten free recipes here and I know that my little blog has helped lots of people, especially when they or a family member has first been diagnosed. I've had lots of lovely messages saying so, which is why I would love to keep Free From G going with lots of new content. It's just how to go about it so I don't get bored and in turn, bore you!

Need plan :)

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