Tuesday 12 June 2018

Quick and Easy - Gluten Free Tagliatelli Carbonara

gluten free tagliatelli carbonara

I figured that I may as well share because it might be useful to someone out there :)

Photos are not great, I really need to use my camera but I think the battery needs replacing. My phone takes a decent shot once in a while but on the whole not great, so apologies for this.

If you put the pasta water on the hob to boil before you do anything else, this should be a 20 minute or less meal. Or you could of course boil a kettle if you have one and speed things up further.

Monday 11 June 2018

Hello! And Quick Gluten Free Meal Ideas

"Annnyway, have a wonderful weekend, I'll keep you posted about the pork problem :)"
By keep you posted I meant in 6 months time I'll come and ramble at you about something or other! I truly didn't, time just seems to be going faster than ever before, how is is June already?!

Pork Scratchings update: TG got them out from behind the drawer around March I think. Still good he ate them. And the stocking stuffers were a surprise, hooray!

I really have been intending to post here on a regular basis but other than sharing new gluten free finds there's not much to say on the coeliac front. I feel good, I mean we get little sleep because the Kittens who turned 1 last month either keep us awake by competing for the fastest lap around the apartment or they partake in regular 'singing' contests where they sound like they've been mic'd up. All in the wee hours. But, y'know, it's not like I don't have sleep issues anyway so it's worse for TG. They definitely provide loads of laughs though. So yeah, all good.