Monday 11 April 2011

What The BBC Have To Say About Anthony Demetre's Saturday Kitchen Comments

This is the email response to my complaint to the BBC about Anthony Demetre's comments:

Dear Miss -

Thank you for contacting us regarding the BBC One programme ‘Saturday Kitchen’ broadcast on 9 April.

We understand you were unhappy with the comments made by Anthony Demetre about his eating habits even though he has been diagnosed with Coeliac disease.

Anthony is a diagnosed coeliac and his children have shown signs of wheat intolerance. He therefore cooked a dish that was without gluten as it is something he has always been keen to support within his restaurant business.

In discussing his eating habits Anthony was expressing his own personal way of coping with the condition and at no point did he advocate it as a diet that others should try. He accepts that maybe his choice of words could have been better judged but at no point did he intend to anger people and he is perfectly entitled to control his eating in any way he deems right for him. However, he apologises should anyone have been offended or upset by his words but he will continue to serve and cook gluten free food, something that is very unusual in the world of professional chefs.

'Saturday Kitchen' highlights a range of different culinary style and foods. We always strive to provide recipes that are suitable for all diets and we will continue to do so.

We would like to assure you that your concerns were raised with the ‘Saturday Kitchen’ production and registered on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

BBC Audience Services

His personal way of coping with the condition is DANGEROUS. Sure he may not be telling others to do the same but just by saying it, he is implying that it is ok to do so. I have no interest in how Anthony Demetre feels after eating gluten, all I know is that back when I first found out I was a coeliac, I may have heard those words and thought to myself that I too could have a diet that did indeed include gluten. That simply is not the case.

This goes to show just how little is known about coeliac disease and it makes me seethe.

Anthony Demetre's Comments On Saturday Kitchen

See the video below for Anthony Demetre's comments on being a coeliac and his 'gluten free' diet.

I'm sick of this illness not being taken seriously by people, especially in the food industry (some, not all).

The awareness of coeliac disease is laughable and that video goes to show that.

If you're a coeliac, or close to someone who is, I implore you to complain to the bbc about the dangerous comments made by this professional chef. Someone newly diagnosed or a child with coeliac disease could take what Anthony Demetre said and follow suit. It's plain and simple DANGEROUS.

Make your voice heard: BBC Complaints

Anthony Demetre - Coeliac Chef Without A Clue

Well done the BBC for having such an ill informed coeliac chef making a gluten free dish on Saturday Kitchen.

"I mean... I, I go on this diet with absolutely no gluten for about three months, and uh; and then for two weeks I just eat as much pasta and pizza as I can get hold of. Because I can't cut it out completely, fully because the body just rejects it when you do have it”

He also says he's "100% coeliac".

There's no % when it comes to coeliac, you're either cursed with it or you aren't.

He's no Damian Cardone, but he's a prize twit who shouldn't be allowed to give any kind of advice on TV about being a coeliac or how to manage it.

If you're a coeliac, you don't eat gluten, ever, end of story. If you choose to do so, then good luck with that, just don't make it sound ok for other coeliacs to do so.