Monday 11 April 2011

Anthony Demetre - Coeliac Chef Without A Clue

Well done the BBC for having such an ill informed coeliac chef making a gluten free dish on Saturday Kitchen.

"I mean... I, I go on this diet with absolutely no gluten for about three months, and uh; and then for two weeks I just eat as much pasta and pizza as I can get hold of. Because I can't cut it out completely, fully because the body just rejects it when you do have it”

He also says he's "100% coeliac".

There's no % when it comes to coeliac, you're either cursed with it or you aren't.

He's no Damian Cardone, but he's a prize twit who shouldn't be allowed to give any kind of advice on TV about being a coeliac or how to manage it.

If you're a coeliac, you don't eat gluten, ever, end of story. If you choose to do so, then good luck with that, just don't make it sound ok for other coeliacs to do so.

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