Tuesday 27 August 2013

Update To A Valuable Resource

Thanks to a comment asking if something was gluten free I went back and checked the Nestle safe list, it's been updated as of this month so I've made the same changes to my blog post.

New Products have been added so there's even more choice and I'm especially happy about the Nesquick Milkshake Powders. It was just Chocolate before but now there are two more plus a Hot Chocolate. Yay!

Click for the updated Nestle Gluten Free List.

More soon.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Boiled Bacon - Brilliantly Simple And Full Of Comfort

boiled bacon
Good Old Fashion Comfort
I know it's not refined and that it wouldn't tickle everyone's taste buds but the inaccurately titled Boiled Bacon - it's simmered but Simmered Bacon does not sound right at all - is one of my favourite meals. There's nothing remotely fancy about this as you can see but the combination of flavours are divine.

For me Boiled Bacon is a classic from my childhood, a one pot wonder that my Mum who has always hated cooking would whip up on a regular basis, it's utter comfort and ridiculously simple to make. Totally going back to basics which I love.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Gluten Free Papusas

gluten free papusa
Chicken and Pepper Papusa
We've been experimenting with Papusas for a while now but I'm confident that we've got to the stage where they are definitely good enough to share. If you aren't familiar with Papusas they're a thick stuffed Tortilla from El Salvador, a great alternative to share and tear bread in naturally gluten free form.

These aren't hard to make at all but there is a knack to getting the stuffing inside. Other than that these are really quick to make and pretty filling, great for dunking into dips too.

Monday 12 August 2013

Discovery Taco Trays - Gluten Free

discovery taco trays
Great Find
We're big fans of making Mexican food here at Free From G. In fact the discovery of Masa Harina thanks to Guy Fieri's Triple D enabled a complete overhaul of my gluten free diet, it made so many more meals accessible to me. I love experimenting and the recipe that I'm probably most proud of is my homemade gluten free Taco Shells, completely created from scratch and a winning recipe if I do say so myself.

Thing is, there's not always the time nor inclination to make everything from scratch. With the heatwave we've had here I've not wanted to be in the kitchen for hours, so meals that are a bit time consuming and requiring numerous steps have fallen to the wayside. There's no way that I could be bothered to make the Taco Shells recently so imagine my delight when I happened upon these beauties. Convenience!

Thursday 8 August 2013

Butterkist Savoury Popcorn

Oh. Em. Gee.
I'll get to this really good Popcorn in a moment but first I should probably say Hello, I'm back. It's been a while and I've missed writing my random ramblings. Where have I been? Oh, just here, sweating, stomach in washing machine mode with nausea, swollen eyes and an added dose of angry bladder. Did I mention sweating? That's been the main theme during my absence.

The heat here in London has been far too much for me to handle, in turning my stomach and giving me a horrid sick feeling it meant that I couldn't bear the thought of eating a week or so ago and that resulted in a lovely build up of stomach acid that was incredibly painful and difficult to budge. I spent two whole sweaty days languishing on the sofa watching Sky News on Royal Baby watch then on Royal Baby name watch. I hardly ever watch the news let alone for two days straight. 

To blog would have been impossible, my brain is only just beginning to function.