Tuesday 12 June 2018

Quick and Easy - Gluten Free Tagliatelli Carbonara

gluten free tagliatelli carbonara

I figured that I may as well share because it might be useful to someone out there :)

Photos are not great, I really need to use my camera but I think the battery needs replacing. My phone takes a decent shot once in a while but on the whole not great, so apologies for this.

If you put the pasta water on the hob to boil before you do anything else, this should be a 20 minute or less meal. Or you could of course boil a kettle if you have one and speed things up further.

The 3 main ingredients:

gluten free tagliatelli carbonara ingredients

Gluten Free Tagliatelli (I use 90g per person)
Gluten Free Carbonara Sauce (Whole jar)
3 Slices of Thick Smoky Back Bacon


  • Put a large uncovered pan filled 3/4 with cold water on the hob and set to high. Add a good pinch of Sea Salt (optional)
  • Dice the Bacon (remove the fat if required), I use kitchen scissors.
diced bacon

  • If the Pasta water is boiling add Tagliatelli and boil for 11 mins. Stir every few so the ribbons don't stick.
gluten free tagliatelli

  • In a medium sized pan add the bacon and set the hob to high, cook for a couple of minutes.
bacon cooking

  • Set the hob to low and add the gluten free Carbonara Sauce.
  • Add Black Pepper (optional) stir.
gluten free carbonara sauce

  • Once the Tagliatelli has boiled for 11 minutes, drain and add to the sauce. Stir so all the pasta is covered and serve!
I top with more Black Pepper (it's actually Rainbow if you look - fancy!) and Pecorino sliced with a vegetable peeler! If you aren't going to add a salty cheese you might want to add a pinch of Sea Salt to balance it out. Your call :)

gluten free tagliatelli carbonara

When everything in the past has been so from scratch I do feel a bit odd posting this. I mean, I made my own gluten free Taco Shells and Gyoza! Plus about 200 others! Damn I was busy in the kitchen back then :)

But that was because I had to. The selection of gluten free products in 2010 was appalling, if I wanted to continue to eat well I had to learn how to cook really good gluten free food, and I did! I'm quite proud of myself.

As basic as this gluten free Tagliatelli Carbonara guide is (I can't call it a recipe) I hope it proves useful to someone out there!

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