Monday 24 October 2022

Marks and Spencer's Made Without Gluten Free Range - Gluten Free Quiche

 Way back in 2009 when I discovered I had coeliac I thought that convenience food was a thing of the past. I got around it by learning a lot about gluten free food and becoming a pretty decent cook, making everything from scratch. But of course that took time and effort and there were no short cuts. Convenience was a thing of the past for many, many years.

There's been some lovely supermarket items appear over time but nothing quite prepared me for when I started shopping at Ocado and discovered Marks and Spencer's Made Without range.

marks and spencer gluten free

I started shopping with Ocado during the first lockdown, I couldn't believe the gluten free choices! I've always loved Marks and Spencer, but other than a lunchtime prawn mayo sandwich, I only ever shopped there (well Mum and Dad did) for Christmas nibbles. You know, the mini party bits and pieces that they did way before the supermarkets. Oh and the fajita ready meal they did, again, way before anyone else.

I could and probably will write about all the meals that I get from them on a weekly basis because I really do rate them, plus the convenience is an absolute joy! I can get a delicious hearty meal on the table in under 20 minutes and I'm not compromising on quality one bit.

This Quiche Lorraine has been a staple here most weeks for pretty much two years. Yes the pastry gets a bit banged up during the delivery but that takes nothing away as a family meal. If you're serving to guests, not ideal but for me and The Glutenite it's taste over a few bits of loose pastry.

And tasty this quiche is! 12 minutes on bake in the air fryer and it's ready to eat. Always served with chips, veg of some kind and a tweaked Bisto pork gravy.

gluten free quiche

The pastry is light and the egg is very creamy. I find this incredibly filling but I do eat very small portions. This is plenty for the two of us and currently at £3.50 (that has increased from £2.95 I believe). Taking into account just how easy it is to get on the table with no effort required, I think that's pretty reasonable.

Nothing fancy but from the point of gluten free convenience it's a lovely comfort meal that ticks all the boxes for this fussy foodie and non coeliac husband.

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