Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pick Szeged Hungarian Paprika Sausage

pick hungarian paprika sausage
My Current Vice (Well One Of)
I've not really eaten cured meats since being gluten free, mostly the problem is them containing Pepper rather than gluten and if you've got to know me through this blog you'll know that I can't eat that either. Quite a nuisance. I have eaten Tesco's Finest Chorizo on occasion but it wasn't one of the better cured meats I've had, so I stopped bothering with it.

This Hungarian Paprika Sausage caught my eye a few weeks back, I'd never noticed it before. Fully expected there to be some reason why I couldn't have it, but there wasn't. No gluten, no Pepper. Woo.

hungarian paprika sausage ingredients
Good Allergy Advice
This Sausage is addictive.

It's rich with a little kick and oh so juicy.

I'm in ruins. Just looking at the photos makes me want to visit the fridge open the bag and take a giant (for me) bite out of it Henry VIII esque. I have done this. Several times. With a worrying number of said sausages.

If you read yesterdays post now you know why I said I was close to being carted off to the fat farm. 

I have a problem. A very big Hungarian Paprika Sausage problem that has the potential to turn me into a Aunt Marge like figure after Harry P was done with her.

The reason why I think I've become so addicted to these sausages is because they are that good. I just learnt that they're made by a Hungarian company founded in 1869, that's a lot of cured sausage making experience and it shows. The recipe is just brilliantly amazing and oh so moreish.

If you are a fan of such types of food I can't recommend this sausage enough, it's utterly delicious (but indulge at your peril). I would say a great find but for the sake of vanity I'm thinking very much otherwise. Willpower is shot to bits, addiction is in full swing.


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