Monday 29 April 2013

Warburtons Gluten Free Wraps

gluten free wraps
I noticed these on the shelf a couple of weeks ago but I didn't bother to investigate further as I just expect the worst when it comes to gluten free bread items. I love DS Gluten Free Ciabattas and Baguettes but other than those, pretty much everything I've ever tried has been disappointing.

It was The Intrepid Glutenite who picked these up, I took no real notice when he did because I fully expected him to put them straight back onto the shelf, but he didn't. He remarked at how soft and pliable they were and as I saw him bending the pack, the wraps curving and holding together as he did so, then I took notice. Bendy gluten free bread?!

gluten free wraps
Looks Quite Rigid But Isn't
There's one ingredient in these that took me by surprise and that is concentrated fruit juice. Pea protein was an unknown but fruit juice? Understanding the science of baking is something that I don't get, baking is not a strong point for me so if good gluten free products like this are available to buy I'm quite happy to.

The texture is much the same as a soft flour tortilla and try as I have there is no breaking these by bending. These wraps are incredibly flexible and require a proper tear to pull a piece off. The flavour is that of a wheat tortilla from what I remember, it's a slightly floury taste and I can detect a hint of sweetness which is a given as these contain sugar, possibly a hint of the fruit juice coming through too. 

These are an ideal gluten free convenience product that can be used to top, roll and fold as shown on the front and back of the pack, which by the way is a resealable bag to easily keep the wraps fresh.

gluten free wrap pack
We chose the roll option and made Fajitas.

fajita filling
Home Smoked Chicken, Peppers, Onion and Mushrooms
Warburtons wraps make HUGE Fajitas.

gluten free fajita
Took A Bite Then Remembered I Hadn't Photographed The Layers
Really, really huge and way too big for me, I manged a third of mine.

gluten free fajitas
Gluten Free Fajitas
I'd definitely buy these again, the main reason being that I know The Glutenite will be well fed. I love my homemade gluten free tortillas but they're a little on the small side, partly because I have a thing about Pixie foods but also because they're easier to make that way. Personally I prefer the flavour of my corn tortillas (the secret is in the stock) but for the convenience of just opening a pack and using, these wraps are great. I'm glad that we gave them a go.

New recipe coming tomorrow, providing it works : /

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