Wednesday, 23 January 2013

DS Gluten Free Ciabattas

ds gluten free ciabattas
Best Gluten Free Bread Around
Much like the DS Crispbreads these have been a staple for me so I've overlooked posting about them. I'm always on the lookout for new discoveries to write about but forgot a couple of long term favourites in the process. Ridiculous really when I consider these to be the best gluten free bread product out there.

ds gluten free ciabattas pack
Gluten Free Comfort
I get through a lot of these though I never actually use them as a roll. The most constant use over the past few years has been making Croutons for Fondue and Caesar Salad, next up I use them to make gluten free breadcrumbs for meals such as Chicken Kiev and Scotch Eggs. The most typical way that I use them is as toast spread with soft cheese to go with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs. Versatile!

I prefer the brown ciabattas as I love the seeds in them, these rolls have such a great taste. I can often be found picking at the crumbs on the chopping board after I've sliced them, though these cannot be described as crumbly.

I've tried various gluten free breads and to be frank, they're all a load of crappola other than these. I've had ones that taste as I imagine cardboard to taste, ones that fall apart before you've even opened the bag. Really poor quality. DS Gluten Free Ciabattas are stand out for me when it comes to gluten free bread, they really know what they're doing.

Let's have a comparison:

gluten free ciabattas
DS Gluten Free Ciabattas
asda gluten free bread
Asda Gluten Free Bread
I'm using Asda as an example because that's the last gluten free loaf that I bought. I actually went purposely to Asda for DS bread but they didn't have any and we fancied toasted cheese sandwiches so I bought it anyway. Yeah, won't be doing that again. Utter rubbish.

We buy at least one pack of ciabattas a week, once opened I use what I need then individually freeze the rest in food bags, they freeze brilliantly and don't take long to defrost, yet more reasons to love them.

I rate these so highly but I have to be gluten free, The Glutenite regularly has Subway and Eat for lunch during the week and he enjoys them as much as I do, that's quite a compliment.

I wouldn't bother with any other brand of gluten free bread products now, there simply is nothing I've had that compares. DS Gluten Free Ciabattas rock as do the Baguettes which I've also neglected to write about, now I just have to try the bread. I'm sure it won't disappoint when I finally get my hands on some.

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