Friday, 23 November 2012

Gluten Free Chicken Kiev With Tarragon Butter

half of a tarragon butter kiev
I'm a huge fan of the chicken and tarragon combination so I thought I'd use it in a kiev. Gorgeous as you would expect from those flavours.

Making your own kievs might sound like a lot of hard work but it isn't. There's a fair few steps but overall it's a really simple recipe that you can make and then put in the fridge until you want to cook it. It's definitely worth the effort.

To Serve 2 People.


2 Chicken Breasts
75g Garlic Butter (must be kept in the fridge until needed)
2 Heaped Tablespoons of Fresh Tarragon Leaves
Gluten Free Breadcrumbs (amount depending on size of the chicken, around 70g for this)
2 Large Eggs
2 Heaped Tablespoons Corn Flour
Pinch of Salt

Cocktail sticks are required, how many will depend on the size of the chicken breasts.


  • Pre-heat your oven to 220C
  • Get 3 bowls, put the flour in one, break the eggs in another, put the breadcrumbs into the third
  • Add salt to the eggs and whisk
breading ingredients
Preparation Is Key
  • Remove the Tarragon leaves from the stalks and roughly chop
  • Add 1/2 a tablespoon of chopped tarragon leaves to the egg mix
  • Add 1/2 a tablespoon of tarragon to the flour
egg breadcrumbs flour
Flavouring The Layers
  • Skin your chicken breasts and remove any dark bits
  • Put onto a chopping board and flatten both breasts with a meat mallet (you can also use a rolling pin)
flattened chicken breasts
Flatten To 2cm Thick
  • Slice the hard garlic butter and lay on the middle of the biggest chicken breast
  • Lay the rest of the tarragon on top of the butter
kiev building
Full Of Flavour
  • Put the bare chicken breast on top of the other
  • Use cocktail sticks to seal the breasts together so the butter doesn't leak
unbreaded chicken kiev
Perfectly Sealed
  • Put the kiev into the flour mix
chicken breasts in flour
Coat Thoroughly
  • Remove the kiev from the flour, lightly shake and put into the egg mix
kiev in egg
Building The Coatings
  • Remove from the egg and put into the breadcrumbs
  • Pat the breadcrumbs into the chicken
  • Remove from the breadcrumbs and put back into the egg
  • Remove from the egg and put back into the breadcrumbs
  • Pat the breadcrumbs in well
  • Transfer to an oven dish
tarragon butter kiev
Oven Ready
  • Put into the pre-heated oven and cook for 30 minutes
chicken kiev
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Once cooked cut into portions and remove the cocktail sticks. When you cut into it the tarragon butter will ooze out and you'll find very moist chicken with a lovely crispy coating. The double dip method that I use with the egg and breadcrumbs makes for a thicker crust that sticks perfectly to the chicken.

As you can see from the above photo, there's no butter leakage and that's where the cocktail sticks come into it. I prefer to use whole chicken breasts opposed to minced chicken because of the the texture. If you use minced you don't need cocktail sticks as you simply mold the chicken around the stuffed center. It's not as good in my opinion though.

If you aren't a fan of tarragon I have a gluten free kiev recipe with parsley butter that's also lovely.

There's something so comforting about a huge oozing kiev. I took it up a level in the comfort zone and served this with homemade chips and cheese sauce (scroll down for how to make the sauce). Indulgent? Of course. That's what I do best!

I've just remembered that it's Friday. Yay!!!

UPDATE: If you want to make this kiev even better, make your own breadcrumbs.

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