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Gluten Free Giant Chicken Kiev

gluten free chicken kiev
It Ooozed
Not the tidiest of photos but there's not much you can do once you've made the cut. A good Chicken Kiev should always have plenty of buttery goodness oozing from within, this was post oooze.

I fiddled about with incisions and using the mini breast fillet as a 'plug' on numerous occasions, but the butter always leaked during the cooking process. I don't bother with incisions anymore, this is a sure fire way to make the perfect Chicken Kiev every time, even if it may seem a weird way of going about it. This is a Free From G Kiev after all, why use traditional methods?!

This is really easy to do and it doesn't take long at all, you can quite easily have this oven ready in less than 10 minutes.


2 Chicken Breasts
75g Garlic Butter (must be straight from the fridge)
1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley
Gluten Free Breadcrumbs (how much will depend on chicken breast size, around 70g for this)
1 Large Egg
2 Heaped Tablespoons Rice Flour
1 Pinch of Salt

You'll need cocktail sticks, how many will depend on the size of the chicken breasts

  • Pre-heat oven to 220C
  • Remove skin and any undesirable bits from the chicken breasts
  • Lay on a chopping board
chicken breasts
Houston, We Have A Problem With Breast Size
  • Flatten both breasts to 2cm thick with a meat mallet (or a rolling pin if you don't have the former)
flattened chicken breasts
  • Break an egg into a bowl add a pinch of salt and whisk
whisked egg
Whisked Egg
  • Put the breadcrumbs into a bowl
gluten free breadcrumbs
Ready Made Cheat Breadcrumbs
  • Put rice flour into a bowl
  • Slice garlic butter and lay onto one of the breasts, add parsley on top then more butter
chicken kiev filling
It's Going To Be A Giant Kiev
  • Place the non buttered breast on top of the other
how to make chicken kiev
Now For The Fun Bit
  • Use the cocktail sticks to fully seal the two breasts together
chicken kiev sealed with cocktail sticks
It works. Honest! You'll see
chicken kiev preparation
Photobomb Alert. Where Did That Honey Come From?!
  • Put the kiev into the flour and cover completely
floured chicken kiev
Looks A Bit Like A Whole Chicken Upside Down
  • Now carefully place into the whisked egg and entirely cover
chicken kiev in egg
Gets A Bit Messy
  • Put into the breadcrumbs and make sure every bit is covered
chicken kiev being covered in breadcrumbs
We're Getting There
  • Now put the kiev back into the egg and fully cover
  • Then back into the breadcrumbs and fully cover
  • Put into a baking dish
double breaded chicken kiev
Double Breaded
  • Cook for 30 minutes
gluten free chicken kiev just out of the oven
Cooked Kiev!
  • Remove the cocktail sticks
  • Serve
melted chicken kiev filling
It's Very Filling
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A fair few steps but so long as you get you egg, flour and breadcrumbs ready before you need them it takes less than 10 minutes to prep.

As I mentioned, I use shop bought breadcrumbs because A) They're brilliant quality and a lovely flavour B) I'm not faffing about making my own I faffed. I highly recommend Hale and Hearty Breadcrumbs as I've been using then for years and they've never once let me down.

hale and hearty breadcrumbs
If you like breaded things check out our other recipes using them. Chicken Goujons, Cheesy Potato Croquettes, Scotch Eggs, Grilled Scallops and Breaded Oysters. All gluten free of course.

So yeah, if you use the cocktail sticks and coat the chicken properly you will get perfectly moist, giant chicken kievs every time. One is enough for the two of us with side veg.

Dinner tonight is shop bought Pizza (how cool is it that I can say that?! Shop bought and gluten free!). Reason being that I woke up with a burning throat and aches everywhere, the lurgy is getting ever so much closer and I've been told not to cook by The Glutenite. I don't actually want a night off but it makes sense to chill out. 

Let's hope he comes up with a post idea for tomorrow then!

I'm off to make up a concoction of lemon, ginger and honey to fight the lurgy beast. I may also delve into the Thorntons.


If you like tarragon you'll love this gluten free kiev. Also, making your own breadcrumbs really takes this up a level.

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