Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Knorr Stock Pots Are Gluten Free!

knorr stock pots
At Last!
I can't tell you how happy I am about this, sourcing a gluten free stock that is also free from pepper has been a very hard task. I've looked at these time and time again but they've never been suitable (I'm not sure if it was gluten or pepper, I just know I couldn't have them) and it's funny because if there was one stock that I wanted, it was this. Hey, if Marco Pierre White puts his name and face to something, I'm in!

Call it persistence or maybe just an innate sense of optimism but I kept on looking at the ingredients and this week it paid off! This is the crazy thing about stock cubes and such, they seem to constantly change the recipes.
gluten free chicken stock
I'm A Sucker For Cute Packaging
I made the stock up and it didn't disappoint, it's full of deep chicken flavour as hoped and will be a wonderful base for sauces. Not the best of pics but it's gives an idea of the colour of the stock:

knorr chicken stock gluten free
Rich In Colour, Rich In Flavour
You don't realise the wonder that is ready made stock until you can't use it and have to go back to the old fashioned methods of making your own using bones. Ready made stock = utter convenience.

These other Knorr Stock Pots are also gluten free!

Beef, Rich Beef, Fish, Vegetable and Herb.

If the others are anything like the chicken version then they'll be incredibly tasty.

I'm slacking on the promised post but it will be up at some stage this week. Tomorrow if all goes according to plan there shall be a yummy side dish recipe which I'm quite excited about making as it's a request. I've not done a recipe post for months, so I'm really looking forward to it.


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