Friday, 24 February 2012

Gluten Free Chicken Stock

knorr chicken granules
Bye, You've Been Great :(
Since being gluten free I have had to change the stock cubes or granules that I've been using about 3 times due to the recipe being changed and pepper being added. Can't remember the first but I used Kallo Chicken Stock Cubes for over a year, then one day I picked up a pack to put in the trolley and saw that the ingredients had changed. Pepper had been added.

This happened again a few weeks ago with Knorr Chicken Granules which I had been using for a good six months at least. Picked up a jar and the ingredients had changed, pepper again. I realise that I am in a tiny minority of people who has a pepper allergy, but this just sucks.

I use chicken stock as the base flavour of so many things. I know how to make my own, but really? I simply don't have the inclination to do so.

What I don't understand is why these companies are adding pepper to perfectly good recipes. Before my allergy I used lots of pepper in meals but since not having it, I don't miss it at all.

Anyway, I just contacted Knorr about this and they were really, really helpful, but unfortunately for me, they don't have a single stock now that doesn't contain pepper.

I called Kallo, their helpline was closed, that was at 3.40pm on a weekday.

Customer service is one of those things that gets to me, if I get good customer service I'll always think highly of that brand, if I get bad, or worse, none. You've lost me. It drives me mad.

So now I have to source yet another gluten free, pepper free chicken stock product. I've already spent hours down that bloody aisle checking countless labels, so there's not much hope in finding one.


Anyway, here's to the weekend.

UPDATE: As it may be useful to others, here's a list of stock and gravy brands that are absolutely not safe for a gluten free diet:

Aunt Bessie's
Oak Lane (whoever they are)
Tesco (own brand)
Guest House (who?!)

That's leaves you with two options for gluten free chicken stock as I expected, Kallo and Knorr.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Just discovered that Heinz do Organic Chicken Stock Cubes which are also gluten free. Have left a message enquiring about pepper. Fingers Crossed. Oh and Antony Worral Thompson does Organic Free Range Chicken Stock Cubes that are gluten free, again, waiting for an answer about pepper.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Heinz got back to me first thing after the weekend, NO PEPPER!!! And great customer service might I add.

It may have been an annoying exercise but at least now I know I'm out of luck having researched online rather than picking up products down that blooming aisle.

There must be someone who makes gluten free chicken stock things without f'ing pepper.

9/10/12 UPDATE: I'm pleased to report that Knorr Stock Potts are gluten free and without pepper!

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