Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Eliza Doolittle AKA The DS Salami Pizza

I said that I wouldn't be surprised about the topping this time, but I was. I thought there may have been a slight possibility that this one might just look a bit like the photo on the box. But, to say I was wrong is an understatement.

This time we had an extra piece of salami which meant we had a grand total of 8, now we're getting somewhere! Except, we weren't. We weren't at all.

ds gluten free pizza
Pizza Anyone?
As you can see, there was a vast amount of cheese missing. I guess it was a trade off, one extra slice of salami, you get less cheese.

I don't know why I was surprised, I have already said that we would be buying it just for the base but somehow I just couldn't believe that a pizza could look this bad. Is it topped by hand? By machine? Either way there's something afoot.

I have to admit that I want to keep buying these for the reveal. That moment that the box is opened and the pizza is slid out. I can't wait to see how bad the next one looks, surely it cannot be any worse than this one?!

Toppings were added, the same as last week but this time with chestnut mushrooms. It came out looking lovely and tasted even better than the last.

ds gluten free pizza with added toppings
The Make Over
One odd thing though. The lovely glutenite said that the outer part of the crust, the crispy bit made his teeth squeak as he chewed it. It didn't happen to me until the very last bite and it was only vaguely noticeable but there was a slight squeak. Not sure what's going on there, it didn't happen last time.

I totally recommend this pizza despite my poking fun at the toppings and saying that the crispy bit of the crust makes your teeth squeak. For a gluten free product this is superb. Can't wait for the next reveal!

Does anyone know why Free From G is getting loads of hits for "pizza hut gluten free"? To the best of my knowledge I've only ever written about Dominos. I can't find any recent news about pizza hut, has something been announced? Anyone?

Tomorrow there will be cake bars. Nom.


  1. Check out gluten free guerrillas for a summary of the pizza hut story:

    I haven't tried the DS pizza yet, but I have to say that the amount of salami seems fairly well represented in the picture on the box, and while the cheese may be on the stingy side, it seems comparitive to what I remember from most gluteny frozen pizzas, and in italy it is certainly not traditional to be so heavily loaded with toppings. I certainly recognise your description of "squeaky" crust, I've yet to find a gf pizza without a little squeak! (actually I have, it was in florence, and it was so like the real thing I had a little panic and made the OH try it, crying "but it doesn't squeak!")

  2. Thanks for the link, all I can think is here we go again like the Dominos saga. I personally won't be eating one.

    Haha I had forgotten about the squeak but now you come to mention it I think I *have* had the squeak with DS pizzas before.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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