Monday 15 April 2013

Red Pork In Crispy Batter

red pork in batter
Crispy Gluten Free Batter
Red Pork has been a favourite of ours for years now, it's such a simple thing to make because basically all you do is open a packet of red pork seasoning, mix with water then marinade the pork slices overnight. A bit of a cheat but the blend of spices is perfect so I've never bothered to try and make my own.

Armed with my new gluten free crispy batter mix I decided to do a new take on the regular Red Pork recipe, the addition of the batter was a winner. Tender melt in the mouth pork encased in a crisp, delicate coating, the textures worked perfectly together.

crispy red pork
Crispy Red Pork
This is the Red Pork seasoning that we use:

red pork seasoning
Lobo Red Pork Seasoning
We've always bought this from Tesco but in recent weeks it's disappeared, thankfully Amazon UK stock it (it's available in the US too). Thank goodness for Amazon, Tesco have discontinued countless things that we buy on a regular basis but we've ended up with getting better deals online anyway. Sanchi Tamari Soy Sauce is a prime example, much cheaper than Tesco ever were and a staple in our kitchen.

(Please note that there may be different recipes of Lobo Red Pork Seasoning out there, ours - though never labelled as - has always been gluten free in the sense that the ingredients are safe. A reader has commented below saying that their pack lists wheat flour on it, obviously very unsafe and very not gluten free. So as with everything forevermore, please ALWAYS check the labels before you buy. I don't want anyone getting hurt.)

This is a really easy recipe but requires at least 5 hours for the pork to marinate, we usually leave it overnight.

For 2 people served with a side.


250 - 300g Pork Fillet
1 Sachet Lobo Red Pork Seasoning
120ml Cold Water
1/2 Cup Doves Farm Self Raising Flour*
1/2 Chilled Water
Pinch of Sea Salt
Vegetable Oil for deep frying (Crisp N Dry is ideal)


  • Mix the red pork seasoning with the water in a flat bottomed container, stir until the powder is fully dissolved
  • Cut the pork fillet into 5mm slices, add to the marinade and make sure each piece is fully coated
red pork marinating
Sure Is Red
  • Cover and put into the fridge for at least 5 hours
  • Once the pork is fully marinated put the flour, water and salt into a bowl
gluten free batter ingredients
So Easy!
  • Mix together with a fork until the batter mix is smooth
gluten free batter mixture
Still Pleased With Myself
  • Take pieces of the pork from the marinade using a fork or slotted spoon and put into the batter (you want minimal marinade in the batter)
red pork in batter mixture
  • Use a fork to submerge the slices until fully covered in batter mix
pork slices covered in batter mix
Don't Worry It's A Bit Pink
  • Heat your oil on high and drip a drop of batter in to test if hot enough, you want it to float immediately
  • Fry the pork slices in batches for 1 minute, don't over crowd the pan as the batter will puff up
  • Remove from the oil and drain on kitchen paper
gluten free crispy red pork
Marinated Pork Fillet In Crispy Batter
Here's what the inside looks like:

red pork in crispy batter
Moist On The Inside Crispy Out
The pork is super moist and tender and Chinese barbecue flavoured, the batter is crisp but light and airy.

If you want a sauce to go with this here's how:


Leftover Red Pork marinade
100ml Water
1 Level Teaspoon Corn Starch

  • Put the remaining marinade into a sauce pan and heat on high
  • The marinade will separate into liquid and a foamy substance
  • Strain through a sieve into the marinating container
  • Put the liquid back into the sauce pan add the water, heat on high until bubbling
  • Mix the corn starch with a couple of tablespoons of cold water, when fully mixed add to the liquid and stir until dissolved
  • Let simmer for a couple of minutes to remove any corn starch taste and serve
This sauce is just like the Chinese barbecue one that you get from a take away or restaurant. It didn't occur to me to photograph this but there may be an update soon.

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chinese style barbecue sauce
Chinese Barbecue Sauce
We originally had this with homemade Chips but it would be ideal served with an authentic Fried Rice.

A typical Free From G gluten free comfort food recipe, it's rather nice if I do say so myself. The Glutenite actually came up with the idea though, it's a good one, I daren't take credit!

*If you can't get Doves Farm flour other gluten free self raising ones should work so long as they have Xanthan Gum in them, or you could add it yourself. Here's more choices UK / US


  1. Are you sure the Lobo Red Pork seasoning product of which is shown above is gluten-free? I've just checked-out it and one of the ingredients indicated is "wheat flour". Can you advise? Thanks.

  2. If it says wheat flour on it then the recipe has changed and it definitely isn't gluten free any more, so steer clear.

    Sad to hear this but thanks for letting me know.


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