Monday 30 January 2012

Gluten Free Tortillas Recipe - Am.A.Zing!

homemade gluten free tortillas
Gluten Free Tortillas
These are incredibly good and the best bread type thing that I have eaten since being gluten free. This is as straightforward as recipes get and the result is simply delicious. It makes around 7 tortillas.


1 cup (250ml) Maseca Masa Harina
200ml gluten free Chicken Stock
Good pinch of Salt

  1. Put the masa harina into a bowl and add the stock little by little, kneading to form a dough
  2. Once the dough is firm (not dry, not sticky) it's ready
  3. Heat a dry frying pan on high
  4. Take enough dough to form a golf ball sized portion, roll into a ball and put on a chopping board
  5. Get a clean, cold frying pan and press down on the ball of dough evenly
  6. Remove carefully with a spatula and put into the hot frying pan
  7. Cook on both sides for around 1 minute each
  8. Repeat until all dough is used
  9. You have amazing gluten free tortillas!
masa balls to make tortillas
Masa Balls Ready To Be Flattened
dry frying tortilla
Dry Frying The Tortilla To Dry It Out
Tortilla Tips!
  • Use a pan with an even, flat bottom to create the tortillas, some pans that have been used a lot can warp, this will result in uneven tortillas that will also cook unevenly.
  • You can buy a tortilla press that will flatten the dough but personally I just don't have room to store one, as small as they are. A flat bottomed frying pan works just fine.
EDIT: If you're making a few tortillas, using a flat bottomed pan is fine. If you are making a batch like we just have, you will want to invest in a tortilla press because it's blooming hard work (even for a fit, 6ft plus OH). I still have no room to store one, but as I intend to make and eat these tortillas on a regular basis, I'm ordering one today.

You can find a tortilla press in the UK here or in the US here.

So there you have it, traditional Mexican tortillas that are naturally gluten free. There's so much you can use these for, just like the shop bought ones but far, far nicer and so easy to make.

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