Friday 6 January 2012

Gluten Freeish

It's all well and good when people say "support your local shops, don't buy from supermarkets" but I went to my local shop earlier only to find that the free from section had completely disappeared. The only free from item I could find were some boxes of gluten free mince pies which no doubt have an expiration date that has passed or is just about to. Aside from chestnuts I don't actually eat anything Christmassy at Christmas, so mince pies in January really didn't appeal.

It got me wondering...

I haven't been to the free from section of a supermarket yet this year. When I go shopping tomorrow, because of the change of law, are there going to be lots of products previously on the shelves that won't be there anymore?

I expect the regular stuff that I buy to be there because I've never had any problems with them so they're definitely within the 20ppm or less bracket. Judging by my past findings they must be below 5ppm because that's the level that the pie of doom glutened me at. What intrigues me the most is to see if any previously gluten free items are now labelled very low gluten meaning that they actually have 21 to 100ppm of gluten in them.

This blog post is getting more ridiculous as I write it and I can't believe that more people don't get it. I'm writing about how much gluten there is in gluten free products! How is this not laughable. I can't believe that if I want to try a new 'gluten free' product, that I have to ask the producers how much gluten is in it first.

This isn't just because the the law is now fully in swing, it's obviously been the case forever as gluten free went from 200ppm or less to now 20ppm or less, but what exactly are the free from sections in shops free from when it comes to gluten?

A mind boggle is in full swing.

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