Monday 23 January 2012

Free To Enjoy Gluten Free Products

free to enjoy cheese crackers
Free To Enjoy Cheesy Crackers
I see loads of mentions of gluten free brands on Twitter, it's always nice to discover something new (PPM level permitting). One brand that I absolutely adore never comes up though, not that I've seen at least. It's Free To Enjoy.

I've been having those cheese crackers pictured pretty much since day one of my gluten free diet and they have never disappointed. I just ate some with houmous (shop bought Tesco's in case you fancy some) and so I did a quick Twitter search to get in touch with them. No Twitter account it seems.

Their website isn't terribly comprehensive either, under the products section there is no mention of the cheese crackers nor the absolutely delicious honey nut flakes cereal. I don't know what other non biscuity products they make, but I would love to try them.

If you haven't heard of this gluten free brand it isn't surprising as they have a very low key web presence. I totally recommend them though, they make really tasty stuff.

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