Friday 13 January 2012

Planning Weekend Eats

It's that time of the week again, just before finishing work on a Friday and anticipating the glorious weekend. I live for weekends and I definitely have the work to live mentality, opposed to the live to work one. So I'm thinking Weekend Eats.
We'll definitely be having empanadas again, but I've already posted that recipe so that won't benefit the blog. I'm thinking pupusas, which are stuffed flat breads from El Salvador (it's breaking with my current Mexican theme, but I think I'd prefer these to the Mexican version that are gorditas, though they are pretty similar in ingredients). They look great and will be a fantastic gluten free replacement for the non suitable tear and share breads that I so used to love eating.

Chimichangas are a possibility but they aren't a million miles from an empanada, tacos are a maybe but how am I going to make them in that shape? Burritos? Hmmm. I'm going to go and look through lots of authentic Mexican dishes for inspiration and hopefully come back on Monday to post some gorgeous gluten free (and mostly) Mexican recipes for others to enjoy.

Actually, I won't be posting on Monday, it's a long weekend for this foodie. Long weekend equals more time for gluten free experiments, I shall be back on Tuesday with something yum.

Crap, one of the Surstromming tins just made that popping sound again. It's telling me to get my bottom into gear and open one, but, the smell. What am I going to do if I contaminate the entire floor of our apartment building with rotten herring stench? Due to my inquisitive nature I do get myself into some silly situations. I so want to try it though, I figure if nothing else, it may provide a laugh or two on this here blog.

Over and out for an indulgent yes we've just had a decent Christmas holiday time of from work but we don't care we want more time off long weekend.

*Pop* went the Surstromming. Again.

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