Thursday 19 January 2012

When Life Gets In The Way Of Documenting Life

Weekend Eats was supposed to be posted yesterday but I couldn't get around to writing it due to 'issues'. This meant an eerie silence on the blog which I don't like, it took me far too long from the inception of Free From G to actually get used to blogging and get around to blogging whilst balancing work, so yeah, a bit weird not posting on a weekday.

The main 'issue' that meant that I couldn't write yesterday was Floofy. Floofy is our Persian cat and a big part of our little family. Yesterday, she was sick. Imagine one obvious symptom of coeliac glutening but for a cat, a long haired fluffy cat. That was what yesterday was all about.

She's had food issues since I've had her and has mainly lived on a dry food diet for most of her life. A while after I found out that I was a coeliac, I started wondering about her. Was it gluten that was affecting her? She had the same obvious symptoms as me, but the pain and lethargy, did she have that? She can't tell me so I still don't know. She certainly doesn't suffer for days or weeks on end like I do after being glutened but maybe it affects animals differently?

It's been years since the last episode when she's had an upset stomach and I've monitored her diet vigorously ever since I've been gluten free. When she isn't eating James Wellbeloved biscuits or Applaws biscuits and wet foods she eats some of the things that I do like chicken and turkey poached in gluten free chicken stock. Never had a problem since doing that. With hindsight, chicken cooked in regular stock always seemed to affect her, but I didn't realise it at the time. Just the same as when I didn't know what foods were affecting me before realising it was gluten.

Then on Saturday the first episode happened, just like all the times before. We've racked our brains to try and think what she ate on Friday night but to no avail, we think it was canned wet food. We did consider that it was possibly that a tiny piece of habanero had ended up on the floor and she ate it, but I think things would have been a million times worse had that been the case. We're always so careful anyway, we don't allow gluten crumbs on the floor so we definitely wouldn't allow chilli.

That was all ruled out when it happened again yesterday. Same symptom. Saturday we considered that it might have been a bug, but it wouldn't have passed for 3 days then come back. This is definitely a food issue, but what? I have my suspicions about the previously safe Applaws canned food.

I have no idea if the poor little thing is a coeliac or if it is even possibly for animals to be coeliacs. But she definitely has a food issue and at this stage I can't rule out that it may be a reaction to gluten.

Dried food for a few days then only wet food that I have prepared and cooked myself for her. I really don't want to go through the horror again and I don't want her to be put through it again, so if it means even more spoiling, so be it. She's a treasure.

Happy Thursday! After a day like yesterday I appreciate the good days so much more.

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