Tuesday 10 January 2012

Bad Moon Rising

I'm quite a bohemian at heart, very earthy and probably a bit 'out there' compared to most people. I like to sky watch and though I do not whatsoever believe in mainstream horoscopes I do believe in charts and forecasts that are done properly by planet watching.

I'm usually very clued up about when eclipses are going to happen and the cycle of the moon because I know for a fact that these things can have such an effect on people, plus, it interests me. I think there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a bright full moon in the sky, or at least, I did.

I've still got that damn cough and am feeling generally under the weather so getting back to work after the wonderfully happy first Christmas and New Year that I've ever properly enjoyed has been a slog. I've been stressing about getting my current work project finished and well, I haven't really been feeling myself at all, so I've not been keeping up to date with things that I usually would.

Yesterday, I felt the worst that I have outside of being glutened since I got coeliac disease. It was an unhappy, morbid and insecure feeling that just nagged at me all day and got gradually worse as the day drew to a close and it got dark outside. No matter how hard I tried to shake it, it just wouldn't pass.

As the evening went on I started to feel a little brighter, like the mood had lifted somewhat. Then it came to bedtime and all the horrible thoughts and fears came back ten fold. I don't think I've ever felt anything so awful. It was like a real life Dementor was sucking out the life of me.

I woke today feeling like I has been in an accident, totally confused and incredibly upset. As the day went on I started to question what had happened to me, it had been like I was someone else. It was only when I saw a tweet from renowned astrologer Shelly Von Strunckel that it made some sense.

We've all survived the year's first Full Moon, and in emotional Cancer. Tales to tell?

Last night was the first full moon of 2012. No, I didn't turn into a werewolf or shapeshift, or anything quite as good (in my opinion) as that, but I did feel the full force of this incredibly intense and emotional wolf moon that since reading up on was all about home, parents, relationships, security and the future. Everything that means the most to me in life.

Seems I'm not the only one negatively affected, a twitter search has told me all I need to know about how it has affected people in similar ways. I used to have a real uplifting and inspiring affinity with the moon, now I'm just plain scared of how it can affect so badly. Bad moon rising indeed, I just want to have lots of fun.

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