Friday 27 January 2012

The Great Gluten Free Oyster Sauce Shortage

The discovery of masa harina was great, it opened up a whole new level of traditional Mexican cooking, what's not so great is that these meals have been somewhat calorie laden and we've been having them A LOT. When we aren't having shared meals I'm going on the salad (the likelihood of this happening is zilch), I used to love salad then I moved in with my OH and well, I don't eat salads anymore. Is salad a single thing?

Anyway, the Pork Empanadas last night were absolutely gorgeous as before and it was lovely to have a shared meal on a weekday. We don't usually eat together outside of weekends, there's lots of manly fillet steak action during the week and I'm not a fan so I cook separate meals, mine earlyish, the steak fiend's later.

It happens that will will be eating together tonight, a lovely way to start the weekend. We're having Pork Burgers, problem is, I have no oyster sauce and my Pork Burgers with oyster sauce are the absolute best. The mustard Pork Burgers are nice, but since the habanero incident I'm not too keen on heat of any kind (last nights empanadas had a slight kick but just a little).

So, I am now faced with creating another pork burger variation. I seriously don't think that I can better the oriental version because they're just so flipping good, but I'll give it a good old try.

After searching for substitute for oyster sauce I am feeling experimental. There's an ingredient in my cupboard that teamed with some other things could work but, well problem is, it isn't particularly liked by my dinner partner. That's actually an understatement, he bloody hates the stuff, it's shrimp paste which I use in Xin Xim. (damn getting him to subscribe to my rss feed, I could have got away with it)

A few miles away the love of my life will thinking 'oh no, not the Shrimp Paste!!'

I wouldn't.

But it might work and be amazing.

But I won't.

I'm seriously stuck for ideas.

If whatever I come up with is a disaster we'll just skim over that one, if not I guess that's Monday's recipe post sorted.

Glorious weekends to all.

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