Thursday 22 December 2011

Happy Gluten Free Christmas And New Year

pink christmas tree

I've decided that this is it for 2011, I've stopped working and I'm going to take a break from blogging too. I really need to get rid of this stinking cold and violent cough that I've had for well over a month now, I can't let flu set in like it did last year. So as of today the 22nd I'm taking a well earned break.

I've made great progress with the gluten free diet this year, yes there have been some glutening episodes, one in particular that was so awful that it took me two months to fully recover from, but from that I learnt about PPM and why when a product says it's gluten free, that isn't always the case.

I've also learnt that no matter how optimistic you are about eating out, the catering industry is still miles behind when it comes to catering for coeliacs. I had a particularly bad experience at a Pho restaurant in Soho, thankfully though, I wasn't glutened, but that was only because I didn't eat anything. I'm not confident at all about dining out currently but hopefully as time goes on it will become easier due to more awareness about coeliac disease.

My favourite meal of the year has to be my gluten free Quesadillas, especially now that the George is in the kitchen, it's made life so much easier. Second is probably Sauteed Potatoes with King Prawns and Squid and third (only because I really have to fancy this to have it) is Xin Xim. I've of course forgotten all about the gluten free Chicken Goujons, so they need a mention.

It's been an incredibly tough year in some ways, but in others it's been blissful. I've spent more time than I care to mention at hospitals visiting sick parents and due to having to take so much time off from work to be there I've had to work incredibly hard this year to attempt to get where I want to be work-wise. Harder than I've ever worked before. There's also the non cuddly Panda that knocked me for six, but unless you work with websites like I do any further reference to it will sound like gobbledygook.

The blissful side of this year was the absolute happiness and contentment that is Us. I feel incredibly blessed and I'm now officially engaged. I have no idea how or when this incredibly panicky coeliac bride is going to get married, but it must and will happen somehow. On that note, must remember to watch out for Celebrity Wedding Planner in the new year, weddings shows are my guilty pleasure and this is going to involve Jedward planning a wedding. I feel for the couple but it's got to be funny.

Surstromming are still in the cans, this is not acceptable!

So that's it for Free From G for 2011, new posts will commence from the 5th of January 2012. I'm off to relax, get rid of these germs, eat lots of gluten free goodies and have loads of fun.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to 2012 being amazing.

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