Monday 19 December 2011

Surstromming Update

old fashioned tin opener
Need Something Like This!
I still haven't had any. It appears as though I'm going to need an old fashioned tin opener to get into it. Just as well the tins are thick, over the course of the last week I've been hearing these 'popping' noises and have been wondering where they've been coming from. Mystery solved, it's the surstromming tins bulging *insert somewhat concerned expression here*.

My cold has taken such a turn for the worse that if I opened it here and now I doubt I would even smell the stuff. Which reminds me of something that has given me countless hours of belly laughs in the past. The Stinky Meat Project. Don't even bother clicking that link if you are squeamish or have a tendency to heave. It's a truly hysterical project that was conducted by a possible comedy genius.

I now have to stop myself from reading it and get on with work. Long live Stinky Meat!

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