Wednesday 14 December 2011

Weekend Eats 7

Due to still having this cough and cold that has been lingering for over a month now, I haven't been very experimental lately, we've been having the same old, same old. I guess it's due to being a bit under the weather but I'm realising more and more that although I do love cooking, the majority of the time I need convenience, even sometimes on weekends.

This blog was born because I had this mad idea that I wanted to make ready meals. Proper home cooked hearty meals that you could just throw into the microwave. After a bit of digging, that idea was swiftly put to one side because of all the rules and regulations associated with food preparation and the like.

The bizarre thing that's happened is that I've actually come full circle, I may not be making ready meals for the gluten free population but I have realised that the whole thing this blog is about is convenience.

There are some amazing gluten free blogs out there with really elaborate recipes, as for gluten free baking, well you could quite easily put on a stone in a week with some of the goodies offered up on those blogs. But that's the thing, if you enjoyed cooking those kinds of things prior to being a coeliac, that's great, but I didn't. I love great food, I only use what I consider to be the best ingredients, but if I didn't spend hours every evening whipping up fancy foods before I was a coeliac, I'm sure as hell not going to start now.

Becoming a coeliac means that a different way of life is needed and personally for me that meant that I totally lost convenience from my life. I doubt that I'll ever be able to grab a snack on the run or eat confidently out at restaurants, but I now have total control over what goes on in my kitchen. I've got convenience back and that feels good. Being gluten free gets easier with time, you don't have to be a slave to the stove to make a great gluten free meal, all you need is great ingredients and a timer, don't spend hours in the kitchen if you don't want to, choose convenience, this blog is proof that it can be done.

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