Monday 5 December 2011


oskars surstromming
Stinky Surstromming, Yum!

I'm beyond excited, I'm actually in possession of 3 tins of surstromming!

Surstromming is considered by some to be the most stinky food in the world. It's fermented herring and I've spent many an hour laughing at videos of people on YouTube who dare each other to eat it. Lots don't get past the opening of the tin stage.

Surstromming may be a bit of a giggle for some but it's actually a Swedish delicacy and that's why I want to try it. I'm down with what others may consider to be disgusting tastes, the stronger the flavour with seafood, the more I want it. Caviar, Oysters, Smoked Roe, Schmaltz Herring, Brown Shrimps I love the lot.

The funny thing is, people are a bit wary of tinned surstromming because there's a myth that they can explode. In 2006 several major airlines banned it from being carried on their airlines. The tins do bulge a bit and I would have loved to have been there when my OH was transporting them across London because he himself said that he was worried that they would explode on the tube, possibly causing injury, definitely stinking the train and possibly the tunnels out.

The best description that I've heard about the taste of surstromming is that it's a bit like a strong cheese with a hint of fish. Bring it on even more! I love strong, stinky cheeses, Stinking Bishop being up there as one of my faves. This food could seriously go down as the best thing I have ever eaten.

When I do finally get my chops around some surstromming, it will be documented. If I end up being a big girls blouse like the majority of the people on YouTube I will be seriously disappointed in myself and my taste buds.

Oh, despite saying for the longest time that I wasn't allowed to open it in the apartment (I've wanted to try it for ages), my darling bearer of surstromming gifts has now said that I can. With the extractor fan over the hob on, of course. I'm not sure this is such a good idea, the stinkiest food in the world unleashed in our apartment? At least I could get the noisy neighbours back.

Here's what started my obsession with Surstomming, it's all Jamie Oliver's fault:

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