Wednesday 7 December 2011

(Long) Weekend Eats 6

I had the happiest, loveliest long weekend ever, so much so that I just want Christmas Eve here, right now. I cannot wait for that holiday this year. Talking of Christmas, don't decorate your tree whilst drunk, ours looks like something a drag queen would wear.

The long weekend meant that more time could be spent in the kitchen, we even deviated from the regular weekend eats. We were supposed to have fondue but I bought a new cheese to throw into the mix and it turned out to be so different and good that I didn't want to use in in the fondue. It's Le Pied Angloys, much like Camembert but with a hint of honey, a great find for a cheese freak like myself. Lack of cheese meant no fondue, but soon.

The George was a triumph this weekend, I used it for so many things. Typically I don't have any photos to share but these are all meals that I'll have again so there will be photographic evidence at some stage.

Meals cooked on the George Foreman grill were:

Pitta Pizza Pockets
Pad Thai Spare Ribs
Smoked Haddock Fishcakes
Chicken Kebabs

Aside from the spare ribs I would have fried everything else (yep, even the kebabs), so I've not only saved on expensive oils, I've also lowered the fat content of the food. The quesadillas went especially well, usually it involves the two of us and numerous spatulas for turning the things, the grill made this part redundant. I seriously can't get enough of this grill, I highly recommend it. Recipes for those meals not already posted will follow over the coming days.

Today was supposed to be Surstromming day but alas, I have too much work on and I'm feeling a bit of a wimp.

Roll on Christmas holiday!

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