Thursday 8 December 2011

Gluten Free Chicken and Smoked Sausage Kebabs

chicken and smoked sausage kebabs
Kebabs on the George
I hadn't marinated the chicken so for quickness and ease but still great flavour I used a stock cube, broke it down in a tiny bit of boiling water and made a paste. It covered the chicken pieces beautifully and tasted great too. I can't be doing with plain chicken, it isn't worth eating.

I used my George Foreman grill to cook these but you can cook them in a number of ways. I always used to fry mine, I never added oil to the pan though as I coat the ingredients (minus the chicken and sausage) in oil prior to putting the kebabs together, this is a great way of making the base for a sauce. Deglaze the pan once the kebabs are cooked and you have a lovely sauce to pour over.

Anyway, chicken kebabs, easy, healthy and delicious. It doesn't get much more simple than this.

I don't have a big appetite so this served 2, if you want the kebabs to be more meaty use a second chicken breast or more smoked sausage.


1 Chicken Breast
Half of a Mattessons Smoked Sausage (I use the reduced fat one)
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Courgette
1 small Onion
1 Chicken Stock Cube
Boiling Water
Oil to coat the vegetables


  1. Cut everything into similar sized pieces
  2. Toss the vegetables in a little oil (I use sesame)
  3. Make the chicken stock paste and coat the chicken
  4. Thread the smoked sausage onto the skewer, then some veg then chicken then veg and repeat until the skewer is fully loaded
  5. Cook! On the grill these took about 10 minutes turning them every few. If using the frying method they'll take about 20 minutes.
If you put 2 pieces of veg either side of the chicken it will cook faster and be softer because some of the cooking juice from the chicken will get soaked up. It will keep the chicken moist too.

A simple gluten free meal that anyone with a steady hand can make.

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