Thursday 1 December 2011

My Gluten Free Batter Mixture Featured On Prime Time ITV Show!

Yep, no lie, the other night my original gluten free batter recipe was on ITV, I could hardly believe it. There it was in a vast quantity for millions of viewers to see.

When I first found out that I was a coeliac lots of kitchen experiments went on, one was to find a batter that could coat things and be deep fried. Obviously the main ingredient in batter is flour so of course, we had to find out what flour would be best suited. One particular time I came up with the idea of just mixing corn flour and water together to make a nice thick batter to coat chicken. I thought I had it, it was looking really promising when I was mixing it.

Then I stopped mixing it and the fork got stuck in the mixture and we couldn't budge it.

I'm a celebrity corn starch task

i'm a celebrity task
Gluten Free Batter In I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Bushtucker Trial

Just like Mark Wright in his I'm A Celebrity Pits of Peril trial.

Seriously, they added shedloads of corn flour and water in this tank thing and they described it as quicksand. And it was! It was a giant version of my gluten free batter experiment.

That wasn't one of my better experiments and for the record, after I had cooked the chicken it was nice at first then about 5 minutes after it had come out of the pan, the batter went solid. I actually threw a piece against the wall and sure enough it bounced.

You kind of know you've got it wrong when your recipe is featured in a reality show as quicksand.

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