Tuesday 6 December 2011

George Foreman Grill - What A Time Saver!

I'm growing incredibly fond of George, I didn't think I would need him, so I didn't ever want him, but now that he is in my life he's here for good.

One of my birthday pressies was a family sized George Foreman grill, like I said, I never thought that I would have any use for one but oh my, how wrong I was! I struggle on week days for meals for me and I really can't be bothered to cook for myself. If it isn't something that takes 5 minutes or less I simply do not want to know!

I've had a cough and cold for probably a month now and it's made me realise just how bad my diet is nutritionally. Vegetables have been a grey area for some time, there's no point in boiling them as you loose so much goodness, steaming takes too long, frying? That's not exactly quick and definitely not healthy, so I just didn't bother cooking any.

This grill has changed everything, it's beyond easy to use and as for being fast, in a previous incarnation it may have been an Olympic sprinter. George isn't a gadget, he really is a lean, mean grilling machine!

Another reason why it's just so fabulous is the removal of fats. Along with coeliac I have a fat intolerance, I actually had that before coeliac. If something is deep fried correctly so no fat has penetrated the food I'm fine, but if I ingest a certain level, yeah not a good reaction. Oily fish does it to me on occasion, I love sashimi but if the fish is too oily I get a reaction from that.

I cooked the mustardy pork burgers on the grill the other night, they were done in 4 and a half minutes opposed to 16 - 20 in the frying pan. Not a bit of fat came out of those burgers because the pork is so lean, but had I cooked them in the pan I would of course had to use oil, fat that my body just doesn't need. I'm going to use so much less kitchen paper!

I've seen George Foreman grills (UK) (US) around for years and I really didn't see how one could be of any benefit to me. It's totally changed my eating habits and you know what? I'm smitten!

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