Friday 2 December 2011

Customer Service (Or Lack Of It)

Since being gluten free customer service has become very important to me. It's essential to know whether things contain gluten and also in my case, pepper. I've come across some great customer service via twitter and email, for instance, not all gluten free products agree with me, I have a very low tolerance for PPM. Once I realised this it was important for me to ask any new brands I was thinking of trying what their PPM of products was. I've been pleased with the responses, even if I can't have the products.

Another example was Marks and Spencer, no sooner had I asked where the free from section was, I was being printed a definitive list of all their gluten free products and was even accompanied around the store with the customer service girl checking all the labels for pepper. That was amazing customer service, I didn't expect that level.

Since finding out about nail products containing wheat, I've been trying to establish if the brands I use are safe or not. I sent out 3 tweets and an email, I had fast response on Twitter from Zoya (safe) and the following morning I had an email from Nails Inc giving me the ingredients for their polishes. Great that they responded, not so great that I had no idea what most of the ingredients were.

As for Leighton Denny and OPI I have sent 3 tweets each and one to Leighton Denny's personal twitter account. Nothing. Not one single response. All I'm asking is if their products contain gluten, it's a simple yes or no answer. If some of their products contain it surely an answer of "some do" would be better than total silence.

If gluten free food manufacturers can provide me with PPM information, surely other companies can provide a simple yes or no?

I told Zoya that good customer service breeds loyalty and I meant it. I'm a girlie girl, I spend on beauty products, at £10 plus for a bottle of OPI and Leighton Denny, they aren't high street brands, but I've got a hell of a lot of them. From now on, it's Zoya all the way. If you can't give me a simple answer about something potentially harmful to my health, I won't be buying your products.

I'm a coeliac, not a fool.

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