Tuesday 20 December 2011

Trufree - My Favourite Gluten Free Sweet Treat

trufree chocolate fingers

The thing about being gluten free for me is that I am constantly shocked and surprised at how good ready made gluten free sweet things are. I'm no baker and messing about with flours doesn't appeal but it matters not. There's so many tasty treats out there.

About 18 months ago I discovered Trufree, I sampled biscuits and crackers which were and are lovely, but one day whilst shopping I noticed something new; Trufree Chocolate Fingers.

I've never actually been able to say with all honesty that a gluten free version is better than its gluten filled counterpart in terms of taste, but on this occasion I can. Trufree Chocolate Fingers are better than Cadbury's.

Cadbury's chocolate fingers from what I remember, leave a strange aftertaste, you don't get that with Trufree gluten free ones. The chocolate is great quality and the biscuits are divine, I always get a slight hint of coconut in the biscuit which is odd as there isn't any on the ingredients list. Maybe that's just my odd taste buds at work.

Even if I weren't a coeliac I would buy these over any other chocolate fingers, probably over any other biscuit. If you haven't tried these you are seriously missing out on a gluten free sweet treat that is naughty but seriously nice.

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