Wednesday 2 November 2011

Weekend Eats 1

red pork seasoning
Red Pork Seasoning
I've decided to start documenting our weekend meals, just for reference really, as sometimes we have the same meals for weeks on end then forget about them. I don't eat great during the week, I admit that. I just don't get the time to cook two different meals and as my gorgeous OH likes to eat late, that isn't an option for me so I stick to the basics. Things that can be heated or just generally eaten quickly without any fuss in the kitchen.

At the weekend I like to spend time in the kitchen cooking up with new and old favourites alike. I don't do fancy and I certainly don't bake! My weekend kitchen time is mostly spent making naughty foods that I spend the rest of the week craving. Weekend eats, while you are more than welcome to read, are just going to be my random ramblings about my gluten free cooking. No gourmet stuff here!

That packet of red pork seasoning showing at the top of the post was a find and a half. Looking for something entirely different in the Tesco world food aisle we happened upon it by accident. It was the holy grail of sauce discoveries for me.

I had been trying to replicate the barbecue sauce that you get in Chinese restaurants and take aways for years without any luck. Cue that packet of red pork seasoning. 1 packet of that, 120ml water, tablespoon of cornflour, HELLO! Proper Chinese restaurant and take away barbecue sauce.

That particular meal was sliced pork fillet marinated in the red pork seasoning and water for 5-6 hours. Quick fried in a wok, minus the marinade. Marinade then went in with the cornflour and a tiny bit of water to make a thickener. Done. Served with chips. I always loved that barbecue sauce on chips. We've probably had this meal every weekend for the past 2 months!

Other evening meal last weekend was my good old gluten free chilli made with outdoor reared pork. One pot, put everything in then leave to simmer. Gorgeous and simple.

My naughtiest meal last weekend was Saturday lunch. Breaded corn fed chicken goujons and mozzarella squares. I would usually serve this with chili potato wedges, but I only realised I hadn't made them as I was about to fry the chicken. Blonde kitchen moment.

I've posted about them before but I can't rate them highly enough, Hale and Hearty Breadcrumbs. Oh how I love thee. A serious time saver and delicious to boot. This meal is a regular.

Looking forward to a long weekend and more gluten free fun in the kitchen. Those early coeliac days experimenting with All Purpose Crumbs are long gone! If you've ever had those things, you'll know *wink*.

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