Wednesday 16 November 2011

Sauteed Potatoes with King Prawns and Squid

sauteed potatoes with prawns and squid
A Gorgeous Quick Meal
This is a true one pot wonder, an indulgent combination of complimenting textures and delicate flavours.


2 medium Potatoes (I use Albert Bartlett)
12 King Prawns
1 large Squid Tube
30g Garlic Butter
1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
3 Garlic Cloves
1 level tablespoon Parsley
pinch of Sea Salt

This is enough for 2 people for a light lunch.
  • Devein the prawns by cutting into the middle of the underside and pulling out any veins, do the same to the back of the prawn so you end up with them butterflied
  • Wash the squid and remove any skin and bits from inside, cut into rings about 1cm wide
  • Wash the potatoes and cut them into small pieces (I halve the potatoes, halve again and so on until I get wedges roughly around 2cm thick then cut into slices)
  • Peel and mince the garlic
  • Heat a pan on high and add the sesame oil and garlic butter
  • When the butter has melted add the potato slices and stir so they get covered in the butter and oil
  • Add the garlic, parsley and salt
  • Turn heat to medium high and stir often so the potatoes cook evenly
  • Once the potatoes are soft with a slight crispy skin (around 15 mins) add the prawns, continue to stir so prawns cook through 2-3 mins, you'll know as they will turn pink
  •  Add the squid and constantly stir for 1 minute
  • Serve
This is a really lovely, simple recipe that deserves great ingredients. We get our super sized prawns from a local oriental shop, they're frozen but still totally meaty and delicious. One thing I cannot abide is people who use pre cooked prawns in recipes, it gets my goat. I see it all the time on Come Dine With Me. Prawns are meant to go into the pan grey and then turn that lovely pink. If you use prawns that are already cooked and cook them again they end up like rubber. My prawns are juicy and melt in the mouth.

Squid is easily overcooked as are prawns, it isn't nice when you bite into a piece of squid and it takes you minutes of chewing to get rid of it. Best cooked squid should be a literal flash in the pan and melt in the mouth.

Seafood cooking rant over! But yeah, it does annoy me.

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