Tuesday 22 November 2011

Weekend Eats 4

Not much new to report, different meals this weekend were Thai Green Curry and Chicken in Oyster Sauce with boiled rice. We usually have king prawns with the curry but decided on chicken this time round as we had prawns in our Sauteed Potatoes and Seafood lunch. I over cooked the chicken, it wasn't great. The Chicken in Oyster Sauce was a triumph though, we hadn't had that for ages.

I'm all stocked up on Amy's Kitchen Macaroni Cheese from Asda and I have become reacquainted with miso soup which I totally forgot how much I loved. I used to have the Sanchi one prior to being a coeliac and though that is gluten free I can't get it at Tesco. The one that Tesco stock is by a brand called Yutaka and is also gluten free, so thumbs up there.

Another discovery I have made was in the crisp section of Tesco. I much prefer to eat crisps made from corn rather than potato purely because they are lower in calories and fat content. I know that Wotsits Cheese flavour are gluten free but last time I had them, they were tiny compared to how I remembered them and they had a really odd aftertaste. Tesco make their own version that are gluten free called Cheesy Puffs, they're the same size that Wotsits used to be and have no funny aftertaste, so good discovery there.

Tesco prawn crackers (crisp section, pink bag) are also gluten free and so, so delish. They're absolutely moreish though so beware if you get some.

I wasn't going to mention it, but we had Red Pork again. It's always absolutely lovely (which is why we keep having it), but I really need to cook something different. Problem is, my absolutely gorgeous OH loves it so much that it's always suggested when we chat about the meals we plan on having during the weekend. I can't bear not to make it for him.

I am off in search of Tamari soy sauce as my local Tesco has decided to stop selling it. If only there was a gluten free supermarket where they sold everything, all in one place. It would make coeliac life so much easier.

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