Tuesday 8 November 2011

Weekend Eats 2

Predictable. We ended up having two of the same meals as last weekend, Red Pork and Chicken Goujons with Mozzarella Squares. The chicken goujons were done differently this time though and I remembered to make the Chili Potato Wedges. So that was Sunday dinner and Saturday lunch, Friday dinner was DS Gluten Free Margarita Pizza with added toppings and Saturday dinner was...... (it can't have been great as I don't remember - hence Weekend Eats posts!)

ds gluten free pizza
DS Gluten Free Pizza With Added Toppings
I take that back, it was great, we had Quesadillas! Not remembering is down to my sieve of a brain, not how good or bad the food was. I'll post the recipes (I actually refer to my own blog for them if I can't find my sexy little black book of gluten free recipes. I also sometimes write the ingredients in there but not the quantities or steps. Blonde, yes I know!), but I don't have any photos to accompany them. Photography isn't my strong point when I'm hungry.
So Red Pork, Chicken Goujons (not just any might I add!), Mozzarella Squares and Quesadillas recipes to come. Photos to follow.

A weekend eat that has to be written about was one not shared, but devoured totally by me. A trip to Westfield Stratford (I absolutely hate shopping btw) turned into a foodie discovery that makes my taste buds tingle. I'm a huge fan of Jewish cuisine and due to friends of the family, I've been brought up on it. Gone are the days in this part of London when you could find an amazing Jewish deli on every other street, so getting hold of some things is a chore.

HELLO Westfield!!!

Whilst wandering the floors something caught my eye. Noshers Smoked Salmon. Sure smoked salmon isn't hard to come by, but that isn't what got me. Schmaltz Herring and Smoked Roe (please excuse my next outburst) LOMFGWTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wouldn't usually use text speak but I have no other way of explaining my delight at this discovery in a google friendly manner).

smoked roe
Smoked Roe Partially Devoured
Smoked Roe is something I can get from my fishmonger if I order it, but it's hit and miss. Sometimes it's way too hard and you don't want hard Smoked Roe. What I liked about Noshers was that it was on show, so I could see the quality I was getting before I bought it. The real discovery here was the Schmaltz Herring. Previously if I wanted it I had to go across London to deli's in the hope that they had some. Not always a success.

schmaltz herring
Schmaltz Herring
  Schmaltz Herring is a non fish lover's worst nightmare. It's totally fishy in both taste and smell and it has the most gorgeous sweet and salty flavour that comes from being soaked in a special brine. Traditionally, it is always packaged the same. Wrapped in a thick clear plastic in a polystyrene tray with clingfilm wrapped around.

I'm aware that I'm not very mainstream when it comes to my favourite foods, but to me these are the ultimate in food heaven. The best part is, they're totally gluten free.

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